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Alban Tchuinkou

Alban Tchuinkou

Embedded software entwickler c/c++
Stuttgart Feuerbach, Stadtkreis Stuttgart, Stuttgart


Über Alban Tchuinkou:

embedded software entwickler, 

  • c/c++ Python
  • ARM Prozessoren, SoC Beaglebone black
  • Yocto, Buildroot 
  • Docker
  • Git, Jira, Jenkings, Cicle ci
  • OpenCV, OpenGl, Eigen, PCL, ….

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Benz Tech Innovation
Since 06.2023
1. DIAGNOSE: Basic security Check, Ehanced security Check , Penetration Test on ECUs
Development of Spear tool (python) for performing a complete security check on ECUs (based on CAN, CAN FD and FlexRay protocols).with CANDela files The same processes can be executed with diagnose tools like CANoe too
- XCP (Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol) penetration test: Check possiblities of reading/writing on the ECUs
- JTAG examination and debugging (READ and WRITE): Check if ECUs can be accessed over JTAG
- Acces Control List violation Check: make sure that some services can be executed with the right roles in the correct sessions
- Security Access challenge Test: check if keys and seeds are new and randomly generated after new request or ECU reset
Freelancer: Embedded software developer at Robert Bosch GmbH
11.2021 –> 06.2023
Athena Project
1. Sensors calibration (e.g. of stereo multi-purpose camera, lidar camera). Calibration of sensors (e.g. by odometry), both on the extrinsic level and on the intrinsic level. for autonomous driving.
2. Adjustment of the calibration so that the camera modules detect the same target.
3. With Lidar: In the first step: registration of the point clouds from several LiDARs, then a registration is carried out for all point clouds recorded and registered during a drive. Finally, the trajectory of the sensor is determined.
4. Data recording at the Dailmer Auto in Renningen in bag file format. These bag files, consisting of uncalibrated sensor data, are used as input data, e.g. for odometry-based calibration, to generate a suitable calibration for sensor modules. This new calibration is then installed and tested in the vehicle.
5. Other processes (c++) to validate the calibration e.g. based on rotation and translation errors of the different sensor modules.
6. The "Odometry-based-Calibration" and "xsensor Calibration" are mostly implemented in C++ and also in Python.
7. Radar Calibration
8. Programming Languages:
- C/C++
- Python
- Bash script
9. Tools:
- Image: Docker on updated system
- Continuous integration: cicle-ci, Jenkins
- Revision control Software: Git
- Pipeline set: Azure DevOps
- Visualization tool: grafana
- QEMU for integrating a Kernel-based Virtual Machine for different OS based on specific architectures (radar, lidar, ..)
10. Libraries:
- PCL library
- Eigen
- Ceres Solver
- OpenCV
- OpenGl
hardware tester:
1. Automation of test procedures for sensor and actuator simulation on suitable models in HIL (hardware in the loop).
2. Test systems with VT system: Test between control unit and actuators/sensors using CANoe via residual bus simulation. Bus connection to CAN and FLexRay: Separate test facilities for each channel, List bus traffic with FlexRay, and sense frames interactively
3. Testing and activation of outputs and inputs of the control unit via digital module (VT25168).
4. Architecture: AUTOSAR : Developing (SWCs) and testing (JTAG, basic security test) on ECUs (All kinds, on power trains and telematics)
5. CANoe security check on ECUs (CAN and CAN FD messages) based on cdd CANDela files
6. Also test of control unit via Ethernet through interface hardware Specific protocols such as TCP, UDP, IP were used.
7. Simulation of the actuators with load and measurement module (VT10049)
8. CANoe Connectivity Hub: Functional test of the ECU through an interface hardware via VH4110
9. Covering error situations in the control unit test (between control units and sensors and actuators):
- Test of electrical wiring
- Sensors and actuators test
- Input- and output values test
Systemingenieur at XKRUG Gmbh
11-2020 → 11.2021
1. System programming : Implementation of a Python state machine to monitor and control the CPU and core temperatures while driving
2. Embedded programming of a Velman 6080 board for automatic control of vehicle control units.
3. Development of a test process for CAN (Peak Can, FDCan via i2C),
4. Ethernet, CPU FanControl
5. Software installation by Monaco (MM6), Vector CaNnoe and Bosch automotive on the seat wedge and carrying out tests and measurements while driving at the Daimler plant in Sindelfingen.
6. ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework): C++ filter programming
7. Embedded Linux: Programming a Beaglebone Board Black


ZF Friedrichhafen: working student
10.2019–> 04.2020
 PCB layout and component library management with XPeditor software
 • Management of component libraries with Mentor Graphic.

Siemens Healthcare working student
08.2016 -→ 07.2019
1. Development of a hardware tester for checking signals in X-ray generators
a) Development using oscilloscopes and multimeters
and the software LTSpice
b) Design of the circuits with the software EAGLE
c) Test execution of the device. Control via two microcontroller types (two versions of hardware tester): with an ARDUINO Mega and with Launchpad MSP432P401 from TI. programming of
Hardware testers with C/C++ on Arduino development environment and also on Visual Studio
d) Creation of a GUI for the hardware tester using the application framework Qt and QML. A login page for registration and a toolkit page for control were introduced. The registration was done by querying a QT SQL database.
2. Development of a hardware tracker:
a) Development and design of the circuit diagram
b) Control with the MSP480 microcontroller from Texas Instrument. Use of RFID circuit boards
3. 3 Product specification:
a) Checking the wiring diagram of system cabinets.
b) Processing of the SAP database
Tools: LTSpice, EAGLE, C/C++, Visual Studio
Practical semester in the field of stepper motor calibration at Valeo Klimasystem GmbH
03.2015 – 09.2015
1) Control of stepper motors in different temperatures and different voltages with the help of software CANoe and CANanalyser
2) •Processing of sensor values
Tools: CANoe, CANanalyser


04.2017: – 12/2019 University of Erlagen-Nuremberg: Master Mechatronics
Focus: Embedded systems and control engineering
Master thesis: Implementation of a web application with the Robot Operating System for Wizard of Oz experiments in empathy training for children with limited socio-emotional abilities with the humanoid robot Pepper.
Creation of a web application with JavaScript, HTML and CCS (Bootstrap Framework) and provision of a MySQL database via Apache Server. Embedded programming via ROS (Robot Operating System) OS with C++ and Python. Implementation of control functions for the users registered in the database.
10.2012 – 03.2017 Technical University Nuremberg: Bachelor Mechatronics
Focus: control and regulation technology
Bachelor thesis: Control technology - demonstration case with a vehicle simulation model. Simulation of the functionality of a vehicle using WAGO SPS (programmable logic controller)
09.2002 – 09.2009: College La Roche in Cameroon
High school diploma in applied science

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