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Lina - Sophie Sperlich

Lina - Sophie Sperlich

Personalized German Coaching - Unlock Fluency
Kassel, Kreisfreie Stadt Kassel, Kassel


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Über Lina - Sophie Sperlich:

Hello there,

My name is Lina. I am a psychology student in Germany and currently on the lookout for new job opportunities. I love teaching the German language, which I've already gained experience in. As a native German speaker, I've engaged with language learners through tandem partnerships.

There are several ways we can approach our lessons: For instance, we can engage in dialogue sessions, which will help you become more comfortable with spoken German. Another effective approach is vocabulary building, where we focus on relevant words and phrases for various contexts – I can provide vocabulary lists if you`re interested. Additionally, we can incorporate presentations if you want to practice your presentation skills in german.

Flexibility is key - Lets find a teaching method that aligns with your preferences and schedule. To help you get a better idea of what's possible, here are a few suggestions that I've found to be effective for efficient language learning and have yielded great results in the past:

  1. Interactive Dialogues: Engaging in conversations that mirror real-life scenarios will boost your conversational skills and comprehension.
  2. Vocabulary Mastery: We can create targeted word lists and practice their usage in context to strengthen your language skills across diverse topics.
  3. Thematic Presentations: Preparing and delivering brief presentations on various themes will build your confidence in expressing ideas in german.
  4. Error Analysis and Correction: By identifying and correcting mistakes together, we can refine your grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation over time.
  5. Progressive Challenges: Gradually increasing the complexity of our lessons ensures a steady and manageable growth in your language proficiency. Another option is to work together with books for you desired language level – but this is not mandatory!

Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences during our discussions. Your input is valuable in shaping our lessons for success. I'm excited about the prospect of embarking on this language-learning journey and help you achieve your language goals.

Looking forward to our first video call!

Warm regards, Lina

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While I may not possess formal teaching experience, I have had the privilege of sharing the German language with others, striving for continuous improvement at every step. My teaching approach centers around nurturing a passion for learning and fostering a solid foundation. This philosophy has consistently yielded successful outcomes while making the learning process enjoyable.

Beyond teaching, I've embarked on my personal language-learning journey, reflecting my commitment to growth and proficiency. This commitment has translated into academic achievements, highlighting my dedication and determination to succeed.

Next to my psychology studies I have gained valuable skills in some jobs in the customer service, where effective communication and understanding individual needs were paramount. These experiences have honed my ability to connect with people which is essential in the realm of education.

As I step into the role of a German Tutor, I'm eager to bring my customer-centric mindset, language teaching experience, and personal language journey to guide and inspire learners. My goal remains to facilitate learning by emphasizing incremental progress and success-driven spirit.


I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, having previously graduated from secondary school with the second-highest rank in my class. I successfully completed my high school diploma, during which I actively engaged with tandem partners to enhance my language skills.

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