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Mario Kirkland


Über Mario Kirkland:

Design and visual communication are my passions and my
driving force. I believe in the transformative power of aesthetics
to connect people and evoke emotions. As an artist, I use
colors, shapes, and composition to craft compelling visual

Collaboration is at the core of my process, merging diverse
perspectives to create impactful designs. I stay ahead of trends
and embrace new technologies. Let's embark on a journey
where design becomes a language that inspires and connects
us all. Together, we can create something extraordinary.

Erleben Sie

Experience Senior User Experience Designer at RS2 Software PLC

RS2 is a leading provider of global omni-/multichannel payment solutions and technologies for issuers and acquirers on a single payment platform. We handle any payment type, in any currency, on any device with one integration. My role is providing answers to the most challenging questions in the product’s design what the consumers need from the business’s products. By conducting primary research, exploring consumer behavior and motivation, and working with the Product Design, Product Management, and Product Development departments in developing new product features.

Hybrid Conceptual Designer at Creative Caterpillar Design and Brand Agency

A leading strategic brand consultancy comprising of a dynamic team of creatives, brand strategists and designers. This taught me expertise in research, strategy, design and brand communication services. As well as consumer and business to business-orientated creative services based on thorough research to ensure that all communication collateral makes the desired impact. Meticulously building brands by following a tailor made client appropriate approach to arrive at an inspiring yet strategically sound brand solution.

• World-class corporate identity development
• Trademark to Reserves and everything in-between
• User Interface to User Experience Design
• Brand manuals for total brand cohesion
• Make magic with animation and storytelling
• Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Management & Marketing at Buddha Lounge & The One VIP

Overseeing and implementing strategies to effectively manage and promote the company's
presence on various social media platforms. The role required a combination of creative
thinking, strategic planning, and strong communication skills to engage and grow an online
community. I was responsible for creating and curating engaging content, monitoring and responding to audience interactions, analyzing data and metrics to optimize performance, and staying up to date with industry trends and best practices.

• Marketing and social media campaigns, including, content ideation, and implementation
• Brand consistency in marketing and social media look, feel, voice and personality
(including interaction).
• Customer data and analyses interactions and visits, plus using this information to further
growth and vision.
• Overall growth and expansion of the companies social media presence and perception.
• Researching and monitoring the activity of company competitors.
• Creation and distribution of engaging written and graphic content to excite users.

Designer, Artist & Founder at Crown Culture Clothing & Music

A lifestyle blog and clothing line in the heart of Cape Town, Crown Culture embodies street with a touch of class. I wanted a brand that I could put my passion for making music, clothing and expression.

• Creating a strong identity & chosen direction.
• Know my audience & who is my target market.
• Research into competitors as well as scouting suppliers.
• Assessing brand budgets and investments.
• Web Design including e-commerce abilities.
• Creating marketing material and graphics.
• Social Media Campaigns and Analytics.
• Experience with sound engineering and recording.

Creative Director & Business Owner at Savage Design Studio

Covering it all of the when it comes to the design industry. Creating rock solid back ends for our apps but also the functional front ends that will have your followers, customers & clients wanting more. Brand identity design that allows you to communicate clearly with the target audience. Creative planning to solve a problem or achieve objectives, with the use of visual communication using various graphic elements and tools. It was essential for our clients to know who we are, as people, as personalities, and as professional creatives.

• Mobile Applications & Web Design
• Branding & Brand Identity
• Multimedia & Digital Design
• Motion Graphics & Animation
• Learning client relationships
• Learning how to run my business

Freelance Designer & Developer at Mario Freelance Design

This is where my love for design began. My first job as a freelancer was a simple video edit and that's all that it took to get me hooked on Design. From that day I was motivated to become the best designer I could ever possibly be. Learning new skills and techniques as well as becoming successful in solving problems.

• WordPress website creation and maintenance.
• Basic Graphic Design skills.
• Basic Video Editing skills.
• Basic photography & editing.
• Learning client relationships.
• Learning how to run my business.

Digital Designer & Developer at MEIZU (Internship)

Meizu designs and produces smartphones created to provide a simple, intuitive mobile experience for people whose time is expected to be simply spent in using their devices, instead of figuring out how to use them. Based on a business philosophy and committed to pursuing perfection and long-term development, Meizu focuses on developing innovative and user-friendly smartphones for consumers.

• Introduction into web design and development.
• Corporate design and client relations.
• Social media marketing targeted at sales.
• Business strategy and concepts.

Digital Designer & Copywriter at Discount Traveler

Clients could book local and international flights and Car Hire on Discount Traveler and experience the benefits. Owners advertised their business for free. Members could reap the reward for your next holiday or business trip by saving while you travel with Discount Traveler, your one stop travel shop. My task was to maintain all online work including website maintenance, social media and video content creation. This essentially motivated me to better my skills as a designer.

• Introduction into web applications
• Digital publication and tourism impact
• Honestly written journalism
• Digital dashboard and client sales

Multimedia Designer at Quick Turn Marketing Solutions

Engaging in wide-ranging, multi-channel campaigns, leveraging social platforms to reach
their client's audience. Quick Turn was a marketing agency that worked with client's from
across the world.With tailored services and packages specifically for their business based on budget, goals, and development.Some of the projets (fields) that I was included, corporate identity and branding, content creation, digital strategies, operational executions, e-commerce and digital advertising on all levels

• Processing of creation and iteration of visual assets
• Advertisement, branding and other promotional activities
• Knowledge for Print Design and the printing colors and dimensions
• Social media marketing & digital display advertising
• Social media marketing & digital display advertising
• Email marketing, web design & product design

Special Events Management at Design Indaba (Apprenticeship)

Every year the programme features a sterling lineup of international speakers from all corners of the world, coming together on the Design Indaba stage to present an up-to-the-minute survey on design and innovation from across the creative sectors. Surprise elements of dialogue, performance and music intersperse the speaker programme for an inimitable experience that makes Design Indaba what has been said by many to be the best creative conference in the world.

• Maintained accurate notes of changes and requests for each event.
• Effectively supervised peers in rotation and tended to delegates.
• Coordinated efficient set-up and clean-up for overall cleanliness.


Bachelor of Arts - Digital & Visual Communication, Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photograpghy

In the first six months of first year, students get a taste of all five major disciplines. In the second six months of first year, students choose two of these disciplines to explore further. At the beginning of second year they then choose one major from the previous two – taking it through to completion at the end of third year. This ensures a solid grounding in visual communication and a major that plays to individual students' skills and interests. Activities and societies included SISA & student representative of marketing and communication.

Academic Certificate - Web Development & Design, University of Cape Town

The ability to create a well-planned, aesthetically pleasing, and effective website that engages your audience. GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, is an online learning expert with over 10 years' experience in developing high-quality online short courses. Developed the technical expertise to create, structure, and maintain a responsive website certified by the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Full Graduate - High School, Parel Vallei High School

  • English First Language
  • Afrikaans Second Language
  • Mathematical Numeracy
  • Biological Life Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering Graphics & Design

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