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Backlash of the sexes reloaded

Backlash of the sexes reloaded


This buzz is a response to the challenging one of Lisa Vandenburg 

Dear Lisa, in my opinion, the actual scenario about what the roles of each sex should be, and which should be the relationship and interaction between them, is nowadays absolutely unclear.

The humankind reached an important turning point about 300 years ago, when the expectation of life started to change from 30-40 years of age, until today, on which 80-90 years is in most cases what is expected.

Along millennia males had the only purpose to become a good hunter/collector, to bring food to the cave, defend the survival of his cave or tribe, and procreate as much as possible, considering the high percentage of child mortality, to ensure the survival of the species. 

The criteria for choosing a female was then, that she had to be fertile and a good companion on the collateral works, that is, knowing how to preserve the hunted or collected food, how to convert furs into clothing, and how to keep their family healthy and well fed.

Females criteria on choosing a male was easy, if they had the chance to: had to be strong to defend their cave, good food provider, and fertile.

Considering that the time they spent together, in the best case, was not more than 15 years, and during these years, he would be mostly out of the cave, there was no need of him to be kind, or there was no need of her to claiming her rights, because the relationship was based on mutual cooperation on survival, and there was no time for much more out of that.

This mind programming, which has been our reality along millennia, has changed and will never come back.     For the same reason, we are still trying to find out what our new roles should be. David Navarro

Along with the big change in regards to expectation of life, there are other major changes which we should be aware of.

The way of “bringing food to the cave”, “defending our tribe” or “ensuring the survival of the species” has changed too, and the figure of a rude Neanderthal, or a cooperative/submissive female, is no longer needed:

It can be achieved by both sexes.

So here is the challenge

How can we, as humankind, go back to a status on both sexes can cooperate in order to survive?


Because the actual status, that is, a permanent fight between males and females, is bringing us destroyed families, depression, violence, loneliness, and a worrying trend of decreasing rates on new births on developed countries, along with an astonishing lack of interest about others, aka selfishness and lack of empathy.

This cocktail is driving us to our self-destruction because, in the meantime, we fail to see what the real threats are.

The selfish culture which we are transmitting to our descendants is only “valid” if you are somehow, “leading the tribe”. If you are just part of the tribe, you are expendable. And as a consequence, you have MGTOW, feminists, you name it.

This is the way our actual tribe leaders, financial groups and governments, are dealing with us. And those are the ones who are not making much effort on clearing the sexes fight, as they are much more concerned about achieving more richness and power for themselves.

Lisa, you might be afraid the world war 3. Because this war has already started. But we didn’t notice it yet. We are too concerned about things we should have cleared already, like the mentioned sexes fight.

Hopefully, we will be able to clear it one day, before is too late. But in my opinion, it will take still much more time and a big effort on opening our mind to the fact that “me” or “you” is not leading the humankind anywhere. 

It is “us” which has made us survive until now, and it is “us” who can fix this. Any extremism goes against “us”. This is the threat and the challenge.
David Navarro


Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #44

#48 There is much we agree on my friend David Navarro L\u00f3pez; enough for the basis of dialogue. The is a good thing! I do disagree that IMHO men accused of rape by a woman are subjected to more than a verbal 'she said, he said' thing. In our countries, the onus on the woman to report a rape quickly is certainly encouraged for forensic analysis. Most women who have been raped (I suspect) don't do this out of shame. And yes, there are some nasty women who just want to flatten some guy with false accusation. All of that to me is a given, so I'm going to push that bit aside for now. I'm also assuming the women in government you refer to are the extremes that wish to entrench ultra-feminist policies? I could have misread you on this, because I don't think you mean all women should not be allowed in government? But hate is prevalent in all extreme groups & cults; ISIS, White Supremacists etc. Those are comprised mainly of men. Women generally don't 'succeed' in such extreme groups. Have to go to bed - le tired! Your command of English is WAY better than mine. Tomorrow I hope to address what it is I love about men...and women! Let's meet on the middle ground and see what we both can try to solve. :)

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #43

48 I see we agree, dear Lisa. Governments don't know what they really should do, as a fair female point of view is not present. Because it doesn't exist (sorry, will try to explain this): The female groups which have the needful success to have a voice in a parliament, are coming from extremist raged feminists. So the male's scenario act according to it, to the hate. There is no balanced point of view from females present. Why? For the same reason. Because they don't see they are needed, and if so, they don't give a damn about it. They don't want to be mixed with ultra feminists, as they don't agree with them either. The bigger problem is, that the balanced-non-extremist opinion of the average females is what this world really needs. The motivation puts together groups. Hate is very powerful, able to put together feminists groups. Why the common sense of the majority of females is so weak on motivation, hindering them to make a strong social movement? We, males, need it. Don't you see it?

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #42

I hear you David Navarro L\u00f3pez - this is happening all to often, and there's no doubt that a few women are taking advantage of it. However, it must be said, it's not women who made this change in policy, it's government. Why? Because they don't know quite what to do. I'm sure you've heard 'Affirmative Action'. It's not uniquely American but is most known for its consequences towards black Americans. Some liberalist dingbat think-tank in government decided to 'try and do the right thing' to make up for slavery, which basically ended up demoralizing the very people they were trying to help. Stupid is as stupid does. I think this sort of thinking tries, but fails in the worst way - same now!

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #41

#28 In my country, Spain, there has been many changes in laws, oriented on protecting females from male's abuses. It had to be done, and I am happy for it. Now the problem is when a female abuse of these laws. If a woman goes to police saying she has been verbally abused, the man, without any proof, is immediately jailed and registered as a gender violent person. This registering never gets cleaned, even if in a trial it is proven that she was lying. Furthermore, she gets no harm even lying to a judge in this cases. If it is the case that she gets any harm after that, the first person who goes to preventive jail is the falsely pointed man, even if it was proven he was not guilty, because he is on "the list". Now let's put a man who goes to police, and claims, with witnesses, verbal or physical abuse by a women. You know what happens? Nothing. Unfortunately, I know from first hand what I am saying. Now you tell me if this is dealing equally with both genders. C'mon. This is where the war between genders is leading us. To another justice system which has no regulation or balance, simply because BOTH parts should make it happen, not one in the power and the other claiming and crying in the corner, with no other arguments that their own pain. Let's females take real protagonism. Let's hear their proposals. Not based in hate. Based in our society's actual reality, and fairness. Maybe is not that difficult.

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #40

I'm in agreement with you David Navarro L\u00f3pez, those in power - regardless of gender - do not relinquish their position, so you're right: Comparing scars just wastes time, effort and distracts from the meaning of the buzz.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #39

part 2: Female have a real tough war to fight. The worst part of it is that they have "traitors" on their own lines. More women than you can imagine are willingly surrounded to the male's domination, maybe because they are used to, maybe because they don't believe on themselves, or because it takes too much effort, and they have already a good living (or they think so). We can't forget that if we want to consider both genders equally, you get idiots in both genders too. But the damage that just an idiot female makes to the "female Cause" is always much bigger than the one a male can do. Because he is already on the leading position. And the one who wants to beat the leader needs to be much better, and if lucky, will have a chance. Another thing I have observed in my many years on business, and that is key when fighting. You need to be loyal to your people. Always. Women who are struggling to succeed, they fight against males AND females too. This is something males don't do, and is the key of their success. If a male fails, they cover one to another, use the complicity and are able to find a middle path, to negotiate. After over 30 years in my field, I have never seen that in a female group. If a female fails, the other females tear their eyes off. In business, two males can quarrel like hell, and next day, they might find an excuse to get drunk together, and end of the story. Females never forget, and if they don't have an extreme need to, never forgive. Follows part 3

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #38

No finer comment than this Harvey Lloyd - measured twice, cut one, you hit that nail square on its head!! Maybe that should be the 3rd post: the joy of our differences & how they compliment us

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #37

I can only say wow, wow and wow!. I can feel you are full of rage, and with it, I am not saying you are wrong with it. Female have all the right in the world to be mad about what happened and still happening. What I am just saying, is that having the pain of the past ONLY (and unfortunately, still our present) as an argument to make things change, in my humble opinion, is leading nowhere. Quite everyone could show their scars. I have mine. You have yours. I am sure you would pale if I showed mine. This is precisely why I wrote about this issue. But this is not a contest of scars. No one of them, in my experience, leads to a future solution. I would like to let you know too, that I come from Spain, which is traditionally an extremely male chauvinist country. So I know What I am talking about, and, again, I agree females do not deserve what they got. To your words "why would anyone want to give up power & control for equality of gender?" I am pointing out already in the post, that equality of gender is not the point: They will not easily give up power. Period. But they have it, and in order to make things change, we need to get them out of there. And this is what the post is all about. While we are (stupidly, must I say) fighting one against the other on things that basically, we are in agreement, the elite on power keep us busy and do their own thing. (It follows part 2)

Harvey Lloyd

vor 6 Jahren #36

There is always learning, even in that which is painful at the time. It is us who choose to make the learning happen or the bitterness to carry. My teachers were the same, i had major control issues in school. Clearly i am still working on them. But none the less the teachers i had, did teach me a lot, it wasn't until many years later i figured it out.

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #35

Thanks. It's funny I thought it was an American term I was unfamiliar with ! In Y3 when I was 7yo, I spelt beginning wrong as begining My teacher Miss Fox with 1960's teased to death blonde hair, maximum make up, clingy knit tops and mini skirts, made me come out the front and went mad at me. I'll leave you to imagine how many decades ago that was. But I still remember her bullying & belittling behaviour. I became & still am very good at spelling ! (Despite her to to spite her ? I don't know) I have a very good memory which helps. When I became a teacher, I never did this to one single one of the 1000's of students I taught. So inadvertently she taught me more than spelling !

Harvey Lloyd

vor 6 Jahren #34

Sorry was rushing and didn't pay attention to the spell check of vagueness. Now i am having flashbacks to the spelling bee in elementary school:)

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #33

Vangsness ? = Kirsten Simone Vangsness is an American actress and writer. She currently stars as FBI Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia on the CBS drama series Criminal Minds. She portrayed the same character on the spin-off series Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior ???

Harvey Lloyd

vor 6 Jahren #32

The nail commented to the hammer at its great strength to stand before the winds, rain and hurricanes. The nail elaborated on and on about how the wood we be nothing but a mere pile if the nail was not in place to hold everything together. The hammer paused for a moment before he spoke. Nail could you hold all this together if your were not driven, or if the wood was not molded to fit perfectly in its spot? The nail proclaimed that the many advantages of the nail were experienced for a lifetime while the others were long gone from the site. The nail must endure the hardships of service as the others do not, they merely are there to provide the installation of the nail. The nail and the saw walked away. The nail inquired as to where they were going. Hammer spoke up and said we will see the home you build by yourself, while you rust in the box you showed up in. Sound familiar? Your post coupled with Lisa Vanderburg has pointed towards an issue of gender and removes discussion about the outcome that each contribute too. I always find it interesting that we use the language of vangsness. Men and women. What if Sue wants to be submissive to her husband and support his leadership? What if Bob wants to be submissive and let his wife take point? Should we shower them with our own unique opinion of the sexes and challenge them to do something that their hearts don't desire? How a man and a women build their families, professional lives is unique to them. For us to to talk about inequities at the top line of "women"/"men" degrades the position that is uniquely their own.

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #31

I agree my friend David Navarro L\u00f3pez; both sexes must work the problem if we want to survive or we want our children to survive. I know you wrote this buzz because of your great humanitarian concern. We all bear the scars of love's warfare, but we live in hope; you do, I do. This very article helps us make that first step: acknowledge the danger!

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #30

Welcome Brian McKenzie's buzz here. I took exception to the barren sadness of MGTOW, but more so to that you chose to intro it (to me anyhoo) on a rape buzz by Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. Yes, males get raped too. If you were to read all my comments here, you'd see how empathetic I am towards males...in fact, that's ALL I've been talking about! We will get to the females...I will. I feel so sorry for you that you have emotionally castrated yourself over a few bad eggs. We all suffer those!

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #29

hahaha....... Just FYI y'all, when I posted my buzz about this, Louise Smith DMed me. Here's what she's given me permission to share: ''Yes I remember my first reaction to the topic was the same But as a psychologist I came to terms with it as I have & do counsel men like this Some of them have lost everything inclu visiting rights of their kids and still have to pay child support all because the law is an ass and believes the female ex's lies. I often write letters of support and progress reports for them for court Sometime it helps them a lot dep on the judge' 'Battered men in the emotional sense generally respond impulsively with negative language and aggression The fight of Flight or Fight. It takes a while for them to realise they have to put that aside and get smart and deal with their problems differently.' under your name!''

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #28

I disagree David Navarro L\u00f3pez. " I don't believe it is a huge task to convince the others." Why would anyone want to give up power & control for equality of gender? Just look at the no of women in the LNP presently "in charge" in the Australian Federal Government. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #27

Geoff Hudson-Searle Shame men don't use the extra space better. (sorry I just had to write this !)

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #26

This criticism will happen with any extremist, fundamental thinking.

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #25

David Navarro L\u00f3pez "What has changed is our way of living, and with it, we need to review how do we interact one gender with another." Yes I agree. I feel like I still live in the 1950s !

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #24

David Navarro L\u00f3pez Part 2 So that is why a female may not be "forthcoming". AND I consider myself lucky as I have not been exposed to physical or sexual agressive violence. Inspite of all that, I treat each person I meet as a clean slate. How they treat me governs what I decide about them. No gender bias attached. In my psyc practice, it's rare for me to refer on a client for lack of rapport. I am a kind but strong person. I expect some client input & reflection. I ask challenging questions. Usually those who are not ready to do work on themselves self select out. I have refered on 2 clients in 9 years of private practice. Both males. One who swore every second word, was extremely angry and after the fact blamed me for making him worse. The second wanted a letter for court saying he's reformed when he had already told me he would continue with his illegal activities & was angry I wouldn't write it in the first appointment (for free). See if you can guess my main client base ?

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #23

David Navarro L\u00f3pez I think this is a bit simplistic. And you forgot lack of trust. "But is difficult to take side with women as a male, when the first thing you get from a female is misbelieving, rage or rejection just for your kind of genitalia." Usually it's not genitalia, it's previous treatment. Over my lifetime, I have worked in jobs with males in most of the top roles. At work & society at large, I have been treated as having no opinion worth listening to, having no control, dumb, a chatal or apendage or worse when in a relationship with a male by his employer, clueless, insignificant, with emotional manipulation, put downs, excessive criticism, need to be perfect & get things right 100% first time or be punished, worthless, young, (even now in a patriarchal sense not related to my actual age), naiive, bullied because I am intelligent or because they could, difficult when I gave my opinion, problem maker, with overt and covert rudness, sworn at when I stood by my ideas, with overt and covert aggression when I expressed my views in an assertive way, penalised with extra work because I did a good job & was dependable while others less so skived off ......... Not always by males but at least 80% ! While I was writing that list, I was remembering particular males. (and a few females)

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #22

Probably because no one else cares or is affected by these issues !

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #21

Dear Lisa, I don't believe it is a huge task to convince the others. In fact, I believe most of us are already convinced. The question is that the minority who needs still to be convinced nowadays, are the ones who rule the world. And this is not a task on women should be on their own. Males have to take their part too. But is difficult to take side with women as a male, when the first thing you get from a female is misbelieving, rage or rejection just for your kind of genitalia. If I admire one model of society, is the one of Iceland. They are ruled by women. It was the country which first felt the crisis, but the first which got out of it. Why? A "feminine model" rules the country. Out of 4 Iceland's banks, 3 of them sank, and one survived. Oh, surprise, the one which was ruled by women. In addition, Iceland is the only country which has imprisoned the economical responsibles of the crisis. Coincidence?

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #20

Thank you for making such an extense comment, bringing to the discussion scientific data. From my point of view, I am happy there are differences between the two genders. Curiously enough, a larger brain is not always the main issue, but how you use it. See what happened to Neanderthals. They were living on the same era than Sapiens and had larger brains. But Sapiens ruled and survived instead. Why? Because of their capability to work together, with the aim of something bigger than them, which was, despite any logic, "unreal" concepts, like religion, race or nation. Marriage is as well a concept, nothing you can touch, but it can bond two different humans with an indestructible bond, which can last despite the death of one of them. A great mistake we are doing into these modern days, in my opinion, is to enter into a discussion of which of both genders is superior, or if in your words, "should men look to be a woman, should women want to become males". They will be always different, and I believe these differences can bring one another different approaches which can be profitable for both genders. What has changed is our way of living, and with it, we need to review how do we interact one gender with another.

Geoff Hudson-Searle

vor 6 Jahren #19

David Navarro L\u00f3pez Reviewing over 20 years of neuroscience research into sex differences in brain structure, a Cambridge University team has conducted the first meta-analysis of the evidence. They found that males on average have larger total brain volumes than women (by 8-13%). On average, males had larger absolute volumes than females in the intracranial space (12%; >14,000 brains), total brain (11%; 2,523 brains), cerebrum (10%; 1,851 brains), grey matter (9%; 7,934 brains), white matter (13%; 7,515 brains), regions filled with cerebrospinal fluid (11.5%; 4,484 brains), and cerebellum (9%; 1,842 brains). Looking more closely, differences in volume between the sexes were located in several regions. These included parts of the limbic system, and the language system. So we are suppose to be different, research has identified!

Geoff Hudson-Searle

vor 6 Jahren #18

Interesting buzz David Navarro L\u00f3pez thank you for stimulating this great discussion. I am not sure if you have seen Haines, Professor Kay Deaux and Nicole Lofaro who compared data from 195 college students in 1983 to data from 191 adults in 2017. The participants from each time period had been asked to rate the likelihood that a typical man or woman would have a certain set of characteristics.The characteristics included personality traits like kindness and competitiveness, gender role behaviours like looking after the house and upholding moral and religious values, occupations like being a nurse or an engineer, and physical characteristics like having a delicate or deep voice. Women now represent 47 per cent of the US workforce, compared to 38 per cent in the mid-1980s, according to the study. In sports, there was a rapid acceleration of women participating in athletics at both the high school and the college levels after 1972 when a law came into force in the US prohibiting discrimination in sports based on sex. Girls made up only 7 per cent of high school athletes in 1971–1972 while that number is now more than 40 per cent. College participation rates increased sixfold in the same time period. 57 per cent of women graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2012 versus 40 per cent in the early 80s, according to the study, which is out today in Psychology of Women Quarterly journal. But these changes do not seem to be reflected in peoples' attitudes, the researchers have found. The researchers found that even though there was greater diversity in 2017, people continued to strongly stereotype men and women. Big question here, should men look to be woman, should women want to become males?

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #17

What say you Louise Smith if you've had a chance to read the first one too. David Navarro L\u00f3pez I am loving opening the cans with you!

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #16

You got it sweet sister Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador ?

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

vor 6 Jahren #15

I feel there is no fast resolution but taking steps forward is necessary. David Navarro L\u00f3pez, your statement is a worthy starting point "Hopefully, we will be able to clear it one day, before is too late. But in my opinion, it will take still much more time and a big effort on opening our mind to the fact that “me” or “you” is not leading the humankind anywhere." Your quote "It is “us” which has made us survive until now, and it is “us” who can fix this. Any extremism goes against “us”. This is the threat and the challenge." is a wise one and its application is not impossible to achieve.

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #14

Part 3: By this time, if they had any good relationships, they're blown. In part because their spouse/mother of kids wants to move on. They don't want to spend the time helping to repair. Some women are deliberately sabotaging them, or have just given up, and taken the kids with them because they will get paid by the state and/or because they want to protect or provide a semblance of normal nurturing. That means the men rarely, if ever, see them. And that's usually under supervision. So these guys know they're royally screwed; in part, by their own hand and in part by the system (not necessarily by the women). '3-strikes, you're out'. That was the term bandied about. Today's 3-strike applies only to violent felonies. State laws as well as Federal often overlap, so really the first offence just has to be a felony. There are bad men and women, but all my comments about these men you can put down to the US Penal Policies, not women.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #13

In the line of having more years in our life like never before, you might find interesting this other buzz I wrote some time ago https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/get-started-adding-life-to-years Hope you enjoy it reading it as much I enjoyed writing it

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #12

Part 2: Of these men I employed that did NOT have learning disabilities, most were 'good' people that did 'bad' things. I spent more time working with them than I did at my job because I could see that they were worth the time invested. If others during their lives had done the same, it may have helped them to have that moment to re-assess and maybe realize a different outcome. Most were between 20 and 40, most were black and 'primed' for prison. The ones that had already committed their 1st Federal offence knew they were sitting on a ticking time-bomb. From my viewpoint, the odds were hopelessly stacked against them. After the first offence, the costs put upon them for bail, court hearings, classes, probation, fines...these all become prohibitive. With little to no support, they end up committing the second offence out of desperation. As you can see by the below, missing a probation officer appointment is enough for number 2: http://www.clarifacts.com/resources/federal-crimes-list/ END Part 2

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #11

Louise Smith :) She's a Psychologist who treats both sexes and understands (like me) how hard it is for males these days - particularly in the USA. I've said it before, but just in case: I used to be a Chef/Restaurateur and worked with hundreds of unskilled men in my kitchens. I taught them to prep, about food, rotation...all that stuff. It's high-pressure and heavy work, so mainly males applied. Our last one was in Florida during the '3-strike' rule, which was just appalling. Almost all these guys came from poverty, strife, and little to no support or safety net. The would have been born into a doomed life in many ways. Most had a wife or ex, kids. As employers we were legally bound to deduct child-support from their pay. END Part 1

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #10

You're right Martin. If you go to the top of David Navarro L\u00f3pez buzz here, and click on my name, it'll take you to what started this. I checked - you didn't comment on that one so maybe it'll help? Thanks!

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 6 Jahren #9

Comments unread yet, I am humbled at your mention of me on this highly astute and anomalous buzz, dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez. 'Lisa, you might be afraid the world war 3. Because this war has already started. But we didn’t notice it yet.' Exactly; if we can't alter our current course, this will be the 'war to end all wars.' Your background synopsis of roles is not only accurate, it brings up something I hadn't quite though of: age of life. That DOES make an important factor! I have lots to say to the wisdom you bring us. First I'll read the comments! Many thanks Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for alerting me to this; first day I've been able to get to my computer for ages....!

Martin Wright

vor 6 Jahren #8

I thought the opening was so intriguing - take it as a compliment that I was looking forward to reading more.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #7

Thank you for stopping by. And I am sorry for not having all the answers. I thought it was good enough to put the questions. It is a painful matter for me, but as a male it is difficult as well to point some things out without pouring salt on wounds. Hopefully more opinions with open minds will lead us sometime to a solution.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #6

to your words " I hope you have understood your Post well" and "Which gender has not moved forward?", I would answer: Yup! and, did you notice the two pictures I have added? Assuming that all males are brutes, is as bad and as extremist as being a MGTOW. Considering that males are still running the world, I believe that instead of putting all of them in the same bunch, finding a way out with the ones who are as well looking for a solution to the problem would be the wise thing to do. You would be surprised at how many males think like me. If males need to leave behind the behaviour of the past, females need to stop using the past as a victimhood weapon and searching a revenge for the past unfairness suffered, in order to be taken seriously. Women have already proven their superiority on many areas, if not all of them. So what? To just aiming to be recognized as equal or superior will not fix the problem we have ahead. Because then we go from a selfish position to another. But as I am pointing out, the fight we need to fix is not the sexes fight anymore, but the power fight. I am pretty sure that if you would make a public research, asking if males and females should have the same rights, same salary, you name it, the answer would be the one you are expecting. It is not the mentality of the people of the street which needs to be changed, this is done already. It is the one of the power elites, the ones who we are voting and paying our taxes to.

Martin Wright

vor 6 Jahren #5

I got the feeling there was more to this article, probably because there should be. You started off so interestingly. The issue of what is happening with the sexes is interesting - but I notice the most vocal critics of feminists tend to be other women. I look forward to a more detailed examination.

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #4

Women throught the ages have sacrificed their own personal goals & achievements for the "US" From my childhood till now this still occurs When women want to reclaim their choice to study, to work, to be creative - they become jugglers. Often the balls fall out of the air because the balls not in the air are not co-operative or supportive. In many couples, one person is the giver & the other the receiver One person perceives themself to be superior, needing all the attention Swapping or sharing somehow isn't an option We are still in the 1950's Which gender has not moved forward?

Louise Smith

vor 6 Jahren #3

English Translation of Sonia \ud83d\udc1d Quiles Espinosa Good thoughts @David Navarro López, I share your opinion, always us, everything that involves the "I" encourages us to continue with the fight of the sexes, I hope you have understood your Post well.

Ali Anani

vor 6 Jahren #2

The segregation of the males from females is leading to horrible consequences. David Navarro L\u00f3pez ably tackles this issue starting from a historical background. The antagonism between the two sexes is reflected in broken homes. Where all this chaos shall lead us? Either we self-organize into a new order or we may find ourselves immersed in chaos. How soon this would happen? Read this intriguing buzz and share your thoughts.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #1

Katja Bader your opinion is more than welcome

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Have you been shocked by the heart coldness showed by people at the sight of a great disgrace? It is ...

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Muchos empleados observan con horror cuando la empresa en la que trabajan opta por modernizar y auto ...

vor 4 Jahren · 2 min. Lesezeit

For anyone who is looking for a job, the feeling of being dealt with as if they were not human being ...

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    DHBW-Studium Bachelor of Engineering

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    ANDRITZ AG Göppingen, Deutschland

    Forming your future · As SCHULER Group, we shape the future of an entire industry. As an employer, we give you the chance to shape your own future. You experience freedom and stand on solid ground. To ...

  • HARMAN International

    Studium Bachelor of Engineering

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    HARMAN International Karlsbad, Deutschland

    A Career at HARMAN · As a technology leader that is rapidly on the move, HARMAN is filled with people who are focused on making life better. Innovation, inclusivity and teamwork are a part of our DNA ...

  • Bunge

    Bachelor of Arts

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    Bunge Hilter, Deutschland

    Wir sind ein bekannter und erfolgreicher Hersteller von Margarine und Nahrungsfetten mit Sitz im Osnabrücker Land und gehören zu BUNGE, einem global führenden Agrar- und Lebensmittelkonzern. Der Name ...