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Bubbling Honey Effect: Social Catharsis

Bubbling Honey Effect: Social CatharsisEmotional situations can elicit physiological, behavioral, cognitive, expressive, and subjective changes in individuals. Affected individuals often use social sharing as a cathartic release of emotions. Bernard Rimé studies the patterns of social sharing after emotional experiences. His works suggest that individuals seek social outlets in an attempt to modify the situation and restore personal homeostatic balance.

Rimé found that 80–95% of emotional episodes are shared. The affected individuals talk about the emotional experience recurrently to people around them throughout the following hours, days, or weeks. These results indicate that this response is irrespective of emotional valence, gender, education, and culture. His studies also found that social sharing of emotion increases as the intensity of the emotion increases.”

Text seen at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catharsis

We are witnessing here at beBee a new and different way on which we can share our emotions, and “bee inspired”.

In my opinion, one of the keys to success is the dichotomy of two concepts related to emotions

Privacy (or introvert aspect)

The privacy at which you read other’s emotions transmitted in a “public place”, like a social network, or on which you create a post to transmit your own emotion

Publicity (or extrovert aspect)

Sharing the emotions of an individual into a social environment on which other individuals empathize with him (or her), interact, and all the way back to privacy.

Differently to a “real world” relationship, we can read a public emotion in privacy, so our immediate reaction can be hidden, and our response can happen, or not.

For example, if a post drives us to tears or to laughing, the rest of the social environment is not going to notice it, as we are in our privacy, allowing us to take absolute control of our reaction. This gives us as well the power to be “on or off” whenever we choose to.

I would say this cannot be taken as a traditional relationship for you have the subjective power to start or stop at your only criteria.

In the other hand, it gives us the opportunity to socialize with a lot of different minds, independently from cultural differences, location, or time. What we share is there and will be there.

A hug happens one time. A “virtual hug” can be felt and felt again.

At the end, we are social beings. Traditional socialising or social networks cannot be compared; I believe they are complementary, so if we are not in both, we could be missing something.


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David Navarro López

David Navarro López

vor 5 Jahren #5

Did you read my last one? https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/positivity-vs-negativity-the-winning-factors Your comments are on this issue are more than welcome, I am sure many bees will take advantage of your nice thoughts.

David Navarro López

David Navarro López

vor 5 Jahren #4

Some refer to catharsis as an act of purification, of consolidating positive things, discarding negative things, in order to make an enhancement whether individual or collective. I have the same feeling, here at bebee I am learning a lot, although I am just a technician with a lot of life scars, and as well, here we can expose our thoughts​ without needing to be much more than simple human beings

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

vor 5 Jahren #3

Social Catharsis - hearing the term catharsis for the first time. beBee is much better than any social network I've ever seen because this is where affinity truly comes into place. This is the only place where I've seen leader's, teachers,Coaches etc etc as normal humans and hence I am able to connect with them and learn from them at the same time. Virtual high five for this bubbly buzz.Thank you David

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Dearest Irene Hackett.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Lucky you are dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez as first commentor. Her comment reflects the beauty of your buzz. I love the notion of virtual hug because even when it is virtual its sincerity makes it feel real. On the networks we lack body language or the body waggling; however written words have their body language. They could be dry or full of life. Words are dancing molecules. Great post my friend

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