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Bubbling Honey Hive: Opening a Discussion Forum

Bubbling Honey Hive: Opening a Discussion ForumDear Bees:

It just came to my mind that posts could be used as our formal Discussion Forum tool.

So if you like the bubble-idea, when anyone has a bubble/idea concerning the whole hive, its rules, appearance, just anything, we could use the same photo and starting part of the title, for example:

Bubbling Honey Hive : alternative images for the hive

Bubbling Honey Hive : Wacht out! A scammer/drone is in surroundings of the hive

This way, like bees, we would "appear" same thing when acting in the name of hole hive, in a democratic way.

For the same reason, this post is as well an example, and anyone can propose a different thing. 

To keep the things doing, I believe 4 days should be enough to understand a proposal is approved.

It is obvious to say that any material exposed in our hive should be copyright free, and 

duly accredited.

You can find/download the header photo here.  


Follow us in our hive at 


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