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Communication is a two ways journey.

Communication is a two ways journey.

THE SINGLE BIGGEST, PROBLEM INWhenever we try to share a thought, immediately some obstacles use to emerge hindering it to comes out as clearly as we wanted to share it.

These obstacles, just mentioning some of them, could be classified into two categories, “talker obstacles” and “listener obstacles”

Talker obstacles

  • Choosing the right words.

Putting a thought or a feeling into words can be the hardest part of it because we don’t “produce” them in a form of words, but in an ethereal form which is much more complex.

So language can be a serious limitation to express ourselves. Poets use to master words to communicate a feeling even not mentioning the thought or feeling itself in words. But not everyone is a poet, although everyone has thoughts to communicate.

  • False Assumptions

A very common false assumption is thinking our listener is going to see things same way we do, so we fall into the trap of thinking he/she will take our thoughts same way we would, without taking into consideration that our listener has different life experiences, culture, education, than we do, and which can blur the real meaning of it.

  • Choosing the right moment.

The same sentence said in a moment in which we have non-appropriate mental status for it, can change substantially the meaning of it, and therefore, show a completely different intention or purpose.

Listener obstacles

  • False assumptions. Yes. Again.

The listener can be biased due to false assumptions about the talker, so the transmitted thought can be completely misunderstood.

  • Choosing the right moment. Yes. Again.

Even if we are at the right moment to express a thought, our listener could not be at the point to fully understand. And we have no certain way to know it.

Above all, when communicating, we will never be sure of the reach we did. Some thoughts take a time to be assimilated, and the ulterior consequences can vary in time and impact on the listener.

Trying to surpass obstacles

There are no firm laws or one-size-fits-all solutions on this. Otherwise, after millennia of human communication, misunderstanding should not take place anymore. What it could be useful in one situation could be useless in another. The only thing we can do is to learn from good communicators.

  • Use an empathetic introduction

We will never be sure if the listener is ready to assimilate the thought we are transmitting.

So we need to “create” an environment inducing the listener to be at the mental disposition to really listen. Introductions are useful on that, on which examples, metaphors or a set of questions which can be easily understood could be useful. Still, there is a risk on it, because if we abuse of the introduction, the listener will miss the core of we want to transmit.

  • The core.

One thought or idea takes a ridiculously small amount of time to be formed in our head. We use rest of the time to collect the needful things we needed to come to this idea or thought and to figure out how we are going to apply it.

As Maya Angelou said, people will forget what you say, will forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.

It takes only a brief moment to a spark to light a fire which can burn a forest.

  • Compelling conclusions.

The only way to know if a communication has been successful is to compel the audience to react to it, and provoke that communication happens to be a two ways journey, so you can verify if what you wanted to transmit has made the desired effect.

It is not a coincidence that we have two ears and just one mouth, so we should listen the double we talk.


Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #11

I Understand you no matter what because you express your views with confidence and clarity David David Navarro L\u00f3pez

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #10

Feeling is an important matter on communication, so this is why choosing the right moment to communicate, the right mental status is vital if we want to understand/been understood

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #9

AMazing, as this is the core message of my buzz of this evening dear Mohammed Sultan on Ideas Don't Move. Sometimes we need to lose our ability to move and move others. We may lose this ability for many reasons such as getting cold, imprisonment or by intangible negative forces. But it can be rewarding

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #8

Good Morning dear Sara Jacobovici. Yes, it is harsh and I slept very little. However, to wake up to such lovely response is pain-relieving. Yes, emotions is a multi-layered and complex issue and the paradox is your statement "Emotion can change meaning for humans, meaning never changes for devices". This is a solid foundation of Reverse Businesses. This is a great idea for expanding on my previous work. Your words relieve me more than Aspirin.

Lisa Gallagher

vor 7 Jahren #7

Sharing buzzes to my stories hive so I can read them when I arrive home on Tuesday, this appears interesting!

Sara Jacobovici

vor 7 Jahren #6

Under the harshest conditions and you still make "sense" Ali Anani. I appreciate your comment on many levels but when you write, "It seems communication is a complex issue and more than I imagined...But the emotional part is important... " it reminds me of the difference between human versus technological communication. Development in the technology of Artificial Intelligence can only supply humans "high functioning" tools. Devices "communicate" with each other in a very specific/one dimensional way (still very dependent on human input). There is a difference, however, when devices "communicate" information and it is received by the human eyes and ears that interpret that information on a multi-dimensional level; and emotion is the factor that makes the difference. Emotion can change meaning for humans, meaning never changes for devices. Be well Dr. Ali and hope your cold passes quickly.

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #5

Interesting your comment is Deb Helfrich. I don't need the honey anymore. I remember when I was in Luxembourg staying at the lobby of the hotel because I couldn't sleep. The inhouse magazine was laid on a table and I picked it to read "if you are unable to sleep, drink milk hot milk with one big spoon of honey". I walked in the hotel bar to ask for a sachet of honey and milk. Many eyes steered laughingly at me ordering milk in a bar. I tried and the drink worked like magic. Since then if I have trouble sleeping I do that successfully. Is there a scientific reasoning? I don't know, but I know it works.

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #4

I read this buzz and comments three times before commenting. I have terrible cold all of a sudden, sneezing and coughing and yet I couldn't stop myself reading this buzz or commenting on it. I am in a situation that i harsh for me to listen dear Deb Helfrich on this issue.

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #3

Dear Mohammed, you described it perfectly with such a simple words it is really difficult to enhance your comment. I wonder why you are not publishing any buzz, you excel quality for it, and for sure I would be one of our devoted followers.

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #2

Dear Sara, it is always rewarding sharing things with you, because you always bring to it further thoughts and enlightening. Fortunately, there are some so-called-misunderstandings which can be positive too. Some expressed ideas from a talker can light a different line of thinking on the listener, which can cause consequently another spark reverted to the original talker. Could it be named as "bubbling effect"?. In that case, your quoting "This situation is inevitable, and it should be accepted rather than fought" is most valuable.

Sara Jacobovici

vor 7 Jahren #1

Important discussion David Navarro L\u00f3pez. Good insights. I am always tempted to post my favorite quote when it comes to communication. "We express ourselves all the time, in all sorts of ways. And we listen to one another. But we do not simply, passively receive a communication. We construct the message (and even the sender!) for ourselves, using a mix of what we have heard, what we hope we did not hear, who we are, who we think the message sender is, what our values and expectations are, what our moods and contexts are, our memories of previous interactions, etc. So, misunderstanding between two people is inevitable, no matter how much they try to communicate, no matter who they are, no matter what their relationship. This situation is inevitable, and it should be accepted rather than fought." Between Couch and Piano: Psychoanalysis, Music, Art and Neuroscience Gilbert J. Rose - 2014

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