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Creating certainty anchors allow us to take risk in the pursuit of our passion.

Creating certainty anchors allow us to take risk in the pursuit of our passion.It is amazing to see in our day-to-day life the enormous amount of people who live their lives without passion, with no purpose, without a why.

They do the things they do simply because they have to do it, not because they are willing to.


You can see it in their faces if you take a public transport in the morning.

If you go and ask them, despite most of them have a reasonably comfortable life, more likely they will answer they feel like living in automatic pilot mode, permanently disgusted, unsatisfied, unmotivated, even if apparently they have no reason for it.

There is always something missing, even if they don’t know really what it is.

It seems they are waiting for a breakthrough to happen, having no idea in which direction.


We use to take for granted many good things we have in life, and give them no value, while many others would do anything to get what we already have.

It can happen that the lack of happiness due to the things we don’t have has its roots in the lack of gratitude for the things we do have.

To anchor ourselves to the positive things we do have, being grateful for them and permanently enhancing them, might allow us to create “anchors” to our life.

They will probably not give us any precise answer to what really our purpose in life is, or to awaken a passion in us.

But these anchors can certainly make our eyes opened to be aware of multiple opportunities can cross our path, which has been invisible to us, due to be too concerned about the things we don’t have, instead of being grateful for the things we do.

Title Credit: Phil Johnson, MBL


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