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Galaxy of Arts - Website Design Overview - New NFT Marketplace Based on Cardano

Galaxy of Arts offers a strong connection to crypto coins, so you can demonstrate your skills by getting ready with your wallet and enabling them to sell and earn through your digital assets.

To showcase your skills, get ready with your wallet and set up your details for example arts, pictures, images, and so on.

Why the galaxy of arts is a better marketplace?
• 0% Gas Fee for Minting the Art.
• Enable Artists to earn Royalties perpetually.
• Beside NFT’s our Marketplace has a Strong Social part.
• Utilizing the Proof of Stake Algorithm rather than Proof of Work, we will ensure that our Marketplace is considerably more energy-efficient and secure than most.
• Our platform will take advantage of the many benefits that come with building on the Cardano Network such as blockchain interoperability, allowing users to transfer NFT’s between different applications and marketplaces.

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