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How to become a Useless Teacher

How to become a Useless Teacher

ALY I'ROn the first part of these article, we are to analyze 

two examples and some tips.

Hopefully your comments would add contents for the second part


It is football day at the school, and Carlos got finally

his opportunity to play and show how good he is


He has got the ball, and advances like a thunder,

getting ready to shot with everything he has, thinking


“…I am Messi, …I am Messi…”


But the ball flies directly out of the camp,

to end breaking a window


And, guess what?. It is the School Director window


“…Oh, No!!!!

I have been training so hard,

I know I could be like Messi,

but after thatWhat is going to happen to me?...”


“…After now everyone will remember I failed…”


Maria is been working hard in a company already several years, devoted to her job.

Even if not having the best tools, she did always her best to get the production done, becoming a trusted and reliable worker by all

b3217d23.jpgAfter some time, the company decides to invest in a 

new and very expensive machinery to produce more and better

at Maria's work place.


The new machine arrives, and Maria gets well instructed 

on how to use it.


When training is finished, next morning Maria will be running the machine for her first time on her own. This happens to be a restless night for Maria.


The great day has arrived, and here is Maria extremely happy knowing that she will be able to use her previous experience together with the best available tool.

She is thankful and at the same time, overwhelmed by the opportunity the company has give her.

So she is ready to give the best of her


BUT...something goes wrong, out of Maria's understanding

and the highly cost machine gets broken


Terrible incriminating thoughts and destructive feelings

happen to overwhelm Maria 

Which things have these two Stories in common?

-A challenging opportunity
-Willingness to improve
-Unexpected discoveries
-An initial positive attitude
-A failure

All of them are the ingredients for a perfect learning scenario


How can we use it to become a useless teacher?

Furthermore, how can we destroy any attempt to learn from failure?


0a9c1911.jpgSome Hints:

Be as unkind and unfriendly as possible.

Empathy is prohibited. Patience and tolerance too.

Do not share any information which can lead to understanding and/or learning from failure


Some sentences that might help:

“I have told you one thousand times you are wrong

You never pay attention when I am talking

You will never learn/you are not good enough

There is nothing you can do to improve

Never try new things. The wheel is already invented



Bonus Track:

Punishment and making fun of individuals has always worked well when willing to kill:

-self confidence

-willingness of improvement



David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #11

Dear Ali Anani, I have already said yesterday, that I like to "treasure" the things that enhance me, and your lovely mind is one of those

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #10

Thank you for your kind words, Gert Scholtz

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #9

Mamen Delgado @Salma Rodriguez All of us still belong to the lasts generations we learned under the "Austrian teaching procedures", on which any uniqueness and creativity needed to be killed, as the purpose was not to produce free minded people, but to produce uniform workers, soldiers or whatever the people in power needed to maintain their status. Even if already some advanced people like Montessori and others started to understand it completely different, only in the last years a bigger quantity of teachers are starting to see it. Many of them, still belonging to the "old Guard", continue to hold on this caveman practices, but luckily for the next generations, the trend is already there.

Gert Scholtz

vor 7 Jahren #8

David Navarro L\u00f3pez Very creative and instructive post David. I enjoyed reading. Thank you

Mamen 🐝 Delgado

vor 7 Jahren #7

When I was around 12 years old, my music teacher (an old lady about retiring) said to me (screamed to me would be more accurate) in a group exercise we were practicing "You have no musical hearing!!". After that I grew up believing I had no musical hearing at all, in fact I repeated in the past that mantra many times. And the "funny" thing is that now a days my profession requires a fine musical hearing and I've been told many many times in the recording studios that I have a very good sense of music and a fine hearing. I get boiling blood when I have references about some "useless teachers" still in our educational institutions. Great post David Navarro L\u00f3pez!!

Salma Rodriguez

vor 7 Jahren #6

Micromanaging a classroom of peer students is certainly one way to lose one's reputation as an instructor / pedagogue. It takes really letting students develop their own uniqueness and creativity, something that is sadly lacking in our world today.

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #5

Dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez- you amaze me as you do remember my buzzes more than I. Yes, the repelling effect is the right expression. Thank you for your good words my friend

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #4

Dear Ali Anani , this is exactly the idea I wanted to transmit, and is, how ridiculous does it sound to try to teach using the wrong/abusive techniques. The "repelling effect" mentioned by you was my absolute intention. For the wise people like you and others, no doubt you have fully understood what is all about, and what the right way should be. There are so many teachers and coaches available that I am not the right person to offer solutions, but just to point what is does not work at all, and sadly enough, is much more usual than one can think.

Ali Anani

vor 7 Jahren #3

Great and attractive format David David Navarro L\u00f3pez Basically, I say use neutralizing policy. For example, I quote from your buzz "“You never pay attention when I am talking” “You will never learn/you are not good enough” “There is nothing you can do to improve” This is a negative approach to a negative behavior and is therefore repellent. A positive approach would be a neutralizing one. For example, I know you didn't mean doing that because you could have done this instead". We solve problems not by compounding them, but by offering solutions. Keep writing in this format, David

David Navarro López

vor 7 Jahren #2

Storytelling has a lot to do with images. It is significant that the oldest painting found is dated 50.000 years ago, whilst the oldest writing found is dated just 5.000 years ago. This tells me that our brain development, our knowledge and our communication skills have been growing by means of visual storytelling the most of our existence as human beings, until today.

Kevin Pashuk

vor 7 Jahren #1

Loved the format of your post David Navarro L\u00f3pez! Good lesson too.

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