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Is the humankind progress prisoner of its own selfishness?

Is the humankind progress prisoner of its own selfishness?

847da209.jpgI am not understanding how can be possible that for the first time in the humankind’s history, the great minds of every knowledge area could be connected globally in such a way we have never dreamed of before, and they are not taking advantage of it.

Until now, great advances in human knowledge have been possible due to isolated geniuses successes, or at the most, a reduced group of researchers who worked together.

One of the facts it seems to me it has been not really noticed, is that we are not anymore a bunch of tribes, each one isolated in a corner of the globe, with no real interaction one to another.

It is been stated that a group of over 150 individuals working together is not possible unless personal objectives are put aside, focusing on a fiction which is common to the whole community.
Yuval Noah Harari , book Sapiens.

This has been happening ever since our darkest ages, using wide common desires, like transcending the death to a better place with religion as a way to get it, or like greed and wars as a way to get more richness. In the end, dominant elites have craved in our basic feelings, to drive us to serve to a so-called major objective, but the reality is, that it has been always a strategy to captivate the mass will, to make happen the will of a few.

Religion and Crusades, Tribe/Nation/Race self-survival by wipeouts of antagonistic ethnic groups, have given birth to numerous technological advances. Many wonders of our day-to-day life have their inception on war technology.

The very existence of Internet had its birth as a way to control nuclear weapons nationwide from one sole point.

Coming back to the power issue, in the last 300 years, humankind has been progressing inevitably and exponentially until achieving to make reality the wettest dream of any megalomaniac.

Global and unquestionable domination of the whole humankind by an elite.

They remain into the shadows, moving the strings of political, economic and religious apparatus to make the mass do what they want, using two basic and enormously powerful instincts:

Fear and Selfishness

Nobody to date on this planet is free of these two, and all our major decisions as individuals are mostly influenced by them. So who controls our fears and selfishness, controls us.

Think about it. The great advances that were meant to be of a solely benefit for the mass, and not for the elite, have happened in the past. Not anymore.

Successes on medicine are driven by pharmaceutic lobbys, just for their own economic profit.

If the solution for an illness is not going to mean an extraordinary return of investment for the pharma industry, or the „father“ of it is not going to get fame and richness, is not going to happen.

And this way, you could make yourself a list of the complete human knowledge, and see that the progress of it is not a matter of pursuing the global good anymore, just the one for the elites.

Think Globally, Act Locally has become a fallacy.

This is not true anymore. It is used as well by the elite as a way to control the human progress.

Is like saying, „keep on thinking you belong to an isolated tribe, locally, and give me your ideas, so I will use them in my benefit, globally“

We have reached the possibility of Thinking Globally and Acting Globally, but we did not even notice, as we are too concerned about our fears and selfishness.
David Navarro

No doubt we have achieved a great advance in the last centuries, as above mentioned, by an individual, a small group, or a larger group manipulated by the elite.

So the human capability, if working together, is not to be discussed.

I have the firm believing that ain´t no mountain high enough to beat the humans. It is a matter of getting to it.

I have the feeling we, as humans, were progressing quite well, as long as we united forces with our neighbors, growing into it, and sometime half way we have lost our real goal:

The survival of the most of the humankind, not the profit of just a few of us. Maybe because we have lost the point that we are not anymore tribes struggling one against the other for our survival. We all have become a part of a bigger „tribe“, a species.

Therefore, we should look at ourselves as species, and see we are going into the wrong path. We only need to look at the newspapers or see for ourselves the terrible facts happening.

A huge part of the humankind is starving, while there is enough richness in this earth to avoid it.

We should be ashamed of ourselves as species.

How long is still going to take for the big brains of the humankind that this is not the way?

The very instruments that power elites are using could be used for a major purpose, as in the end, are the fruits of humankind´s efforts, and should be put at the service of the majority of the humankind.

To me is ridiculous that a kitty can have millions of views on Facebook, and the same vehicle, the internet, is not used to beat illnesses, premature death or hunger.

People like Javier 🐝 beBee and Juan Imaz, starting with an idea, with their team, have created a platform which can be used to share and expand human knowledge for the good of the humankind.

What are we waiting for? We should learn more about the bees. If we did, humankind progress for the good would have no limits.

In your opinion, what is needed to make the humankind make this necessary turn, that is, Thinking AND acting globally?

Maybe, we need an excuse. But I don´t see it (yet). Maybe our grandsons will. But if we go on like this, probably we will fall in a deeper stage of decadence with no u-turn possible.

With the blindfold of our own fears as individuals, that is, the aim of own survival, we are missing the point that if we want our own individual survival, this is not going to be possible if we don´t put the community survival as a priority in the first place.
David Navarro

In short, we are not allowed anymore to think as individuals, but as a species.

I am not a genius, just a little component of the mass, and for the same reason, I am sure that if I came to this conclusion, most of the people have arrived at the same point.

Hopefully, we are capable to develop a catalyzing formula, which can be used as a common idea, to make our next big step as humankind: Taking consciousness of ourselves as a species, and act consequently.

Special thanks to Juan Imaz, who made me think about this issues at his buzz https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ian-weinberg/pop


David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #14

Thank you for your comment, Harvey Lloyd . No doubt that we humans are the most adaptative beings in this world, and we can always „set our sails within it“ for our own survival. At the moment, this is the only way. And is as well a disruptive idea to get the majority of individuals stepping out of the „establishment“ as you point out. Still, we are social animals, and even if we could start our own economy, we would need to find a way to cooperate one with each other. And this is where the elites have their kingdom. They have achieved to interpose themselves in a position that every aspect of a possible interaction between individuals are controlled by them. If you have your economy, and I have mine, and if I want to interact with you, I necessarily will have to pay „them“ a tax for it. Otherwise, we will be against laws that, sadly enough, we have indirectly voted to be there, by voting our own leaders.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #13

First things first, dear Devesh. No apologies needed in this case by showing your point of view, which in the end, I believe is not so far from mine. In the other hand, please, do not ever apologize when exposing your opinion, while is the way you do, with respect and education. Once said that I agree fear and selfishness is within the human condition. My point (and yours) is that we can not have them as our leitmotiv. But at the moment, agreed that this is the trend. At the sight of the results, it is obvious it is wrong, and we need to make a change on that.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

vor 6 Jahren #12

it is human to sometimes fear and it is human to be selfish sometimes. But we are questioned and eventually punished for being human, for having faults, for falling short of expectations, moreso for the torchbearers and the underdogs of leadership, athleticism, intellect etc. I.e. the un-average. Sure, the trade off is name fame money etc or the lack of it , but it is coupled with a high dosage of a fear of failure, where society behaves in an unjust manner. It is all part of the package. But whére it does damage us is in fuelling fear, conditioning selfishness, nurturing an accepatablity of individuals towards these feelings at the expense or suppression of other feelings. It is inhuman to sustain these fears and the selfishness most of the time. To condition others to breed the same behaviour. But we do it every single day with the people around us. There is a trend amidst many today to jump from unjust and persistent -cynicism" to "unforgiving and persitent - positivity". Not at all a reference to your writing which is highly reflective, but you would have noticed the same trend across many posts on social media. Apologies for any digressions, but i thought best to share what i "felt".

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #11

In all, it makes me think about the French Revolution. Only when a critical mass composed by the weakest was reached, together with some ideologists who proposed a disruptive solution, it was possible the disruption. Those days, the dominant elite had the mass captive by fear and poorness. Same way we could learn from the past, the elite has learned too, so they have developed a massive control system, on which every aspect of the mass, what they think, what they like, what they do, their houses and the way they earn their living are under the control of the elite. Big challenges need big disruptions. I don´t see by now a "kind" solution on that, but still, we have our own brain. Only we need to make an insight view of ourselves and understand that if we isolate from each other, we have no choice.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #10

Fear and selfishness are negative and destroying feelings by definition, and as such, will always have negative results at last. My claim is as species, our motto should be a positive one, if we want a positive result in the long term. Thank you for stopping by

Debasish Majumder

vor 6 Jahren #9

nice insight @David Navarro Lopez! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the share.

Harvey Lloyd

vor 6 Jahren #8

The polarity of the issues you recite are spot on. Within this polarity though i find myself distracted. The polarity seems to be a wind that if we can set our sails within it, we can profit by it. Negative adds, politics and polarized issues medias highlighting of the worst of the worst to further their ad sales, etc, etc, etc. This rabbit hole of bitterness can draw the human condition into an emotional morass from where some never emerge. I was given the statement "You are an economy of one" a few years back. This really impacted me in that many media generated positions tend to distract me from my own economy. Clearly right and wrong exist at all levels. Globally i support change and moral outcomes. But not at the exclusion of my own economy. Success is difficult. With each passing generation applying new rules/policies the road seems to be fraught with more and more landmines in front of success. But i submit that every generation had their own headwaters to success. A few made it through. These were the ones that realized they were an economy of one. What would happen if the 80% all started their own economies and didn't take up the economies presented in media? I would say that the news would be quite different. The world stage is a weird looking place, i agree. Keep in mind you are a unique individual with great potential when you start/live within your own economy of success. So what news is there from the economy of David Navarro L\u00f3pez? I look forward to the evening news. Great post.

Ali Anani

vor 6 Jahren #7

Thank you David Navarro L\u00f3pez for writing such an illuminating buzz. For the 20% of people ( and now some researchers say it is closer to 10%) to control 80%-90% of the world wealth they revert to power and its use in making people fearful. The grand purpose of serving humanity has turned to making the maximum profit for ourselves. We in spite of all our progress are failing miserable in understanding that the whole global stability will be determined by its weakest regions. It is these regions that are living on the edge of survival that are building enough despair to either die or revolt. The more we increase this tendency to make the few rich richer, the more likely that disruption shall be the result.

Pascal Derrien

vor 6 Jahren #6

Eloquently spot on David Navarro L\u00f3pez :-)

Ian Weinberg

vor 6 Jahren #5

Thanks for the mention David Navarro L\u00f3pez

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

vor 6 Jahren #4

Fear and selfishness has often been a great cause for division as well as unity overidig convention,customs and systems. It all lies in our definition of survival and we conveniently change the context time and again

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #3

let me guess....same like me, one of your favourite films is the matrix?

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #2

thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to make such a valuable comment. My intention, resonating to your words that "a few deceives the mass" is that the mass should act as one against those "few". I like to be named as an idealist because ideas and fictions is what is ruling the world nowadays

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #1

Harvey Lloyd

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