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The relativity of TIME

The relativity of TIME

9c939d7f.jpgTime is relative. Since Einstein, this sentence has been overused. Most of the times, it diminishes the value of it, as if it was an eternal asset, something we should not care of.

And yet, many people live their lives dominated by the time or the lack of it. Better said, they try to do too many things within too little time. For the latter, most of the times they miss what it feels like taking time for oneself.

A wise man said, you will never have time if you don’t take it.

Today, despite feeling a bit sad as my “half orange” is in the other corner of the world, I decided to take a little time for me, and have some relax at the swimming pool.

Woke up early, made some sandwiches, picked my beach chair, a nice book by Eduard Punset “The travel to optimism”, sunglasses, flip flops, towel...ready, set, go!

Sun was shining, quite rare in Germany I must say. The day was promising.

Some half an hour later, two young couples, in their late twenties “landed” close to my place.

They spent more than an hour complaining about someone who parked in the parking lot in a way that three cars could have been parked instead of one. (after that time, I remembered I got my earphones, and I put them on as if my life was depending on it)

Even if I had my favourite ACDC music bumping my ears, I couldn’t help keeping thinking on the bitterness of those four young people, about such a useless issue.

As Spaniard living in Germany, who has travelled to many countries in the world, the first thing it came to my mind was:

Well, you are complaining about someone’s lack of politeness at parking.

The fact is, you could still park, didn’t you? And, you didn’t have to pay, ‘cause is free. And you don’t have to be all the time frightened, before the possibility that you get your car stolen, because it would be very strange to happen here. Security here is so nice, that you can leave your wallet opened, with money showing up at the sight of everyone at the swimming pool, and nothing is going to happen. Nobody messes with you. Respect is a must, is expected and it is not understood other ways.

And these four young people have been wasting their time about a stupidity, instead of showing love to each other, which it would have been what I would have been doing if my love was by me.

Then a question came to my mind:

What if this hour they wasted, would be the last of their lives?

Isn’t it time relative? Would make any difference if the wasted hour would be today, or in 40 years time, just before dying?

But to waste that hour complaining about an a..hole just before dying would be stupid, although it could make much more sense than now, when you still have so many things to be grateful of, so many kisses to give, so much laughter pending, so much sun to enjoy.

Then, I went back to my book and the wise Eduard Punset “talked” to me:

When you don’t have a paused and responsible concept of time, you live dominated by either pessimism or optimism...Only when you look at past and future in perspective, you understand that any past time was worse, and any future time will be better. 

These words, and the following I am going to refer, made me think that it is important to see the TIME as a whole in all its levels, as something we need to understand and respect, and assume that only by doing that, a better comprehension of our oneself can be obtained.

Destiny of our species is a compound of six different levels. Surviving implies to be successful in each of them, even if the unit of survival is different in each level. If you consider single years, the unit is a human being. In a level of decades, family is the unit. In a century’s level, tribe or nation is the unit. In the level of millennia, a culture is the unit. In tenths of millennia level, species is the unit. In the level of eons, the unit is the life network in the planet.
All humans are the result of the adaptation to these six levels of time and their units:
Human being, family, tribe, culture, species, life network.
Freeman Dyson

Therefore, even if our reach could seem as less as several decades, the understanding of our role in the universe has to be in harmony to the whole concept of time as seen above.

Furthermore, what we do today with our time, believe it or not, will have a direct impact in aeons to come.

It is a huge responsibility not to waste the time we have been given to enhance ourselves, family, tribe, culture, species, life network.

We better think twice next time we have the temptation of complaining about useless issues.


David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #12

Javier \ud83d\udc1d C\u00e1mara Rica , gracias por compartir

John Rylance

vor 4 Jahren #11

I agree, but how else could we describe coming to terms with someone who is living longer than expected.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #10

Dear Clau, your feelings fully resonate with mine. To your words "taking responsibility only what one can control.", this is something as well mentioned in the Eduard Punset's book. You can only find happiness if you have the feeling you are taking control. I highly recommend you the book, which can be found probably in Mexico, or you can download a PDF version here https://www.casadellibro.com/ebook-viaje-al-optimismo-ebook/9788423346059/1949265 I have already read it several times, have marginal notes, bookmarks.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #9

Pascal, thank you for sharing. Agreed, time can not be borrowed, so we need to manage it wisely

Pascal Derrien

vor 4 Jahren #8

You cannot borrow time :-)

John Rylance

vor 4 Jahren #7

The only time we can believe we have gained or lost time, is when we move from one time zone to another, or cross the national date line. But the loss or gain is arguably illusory, since we have not in anyway increased or decreased the time we have lived. Critally Ill people are often said to be living on borrowed time. No ones sure where it's borrowed from, or whether it can be paid back. Tempus Fugit, time flies as the man said as he threw the clock down the stairs.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #6

It is a paradox Randall, that the less time we have, the greater the value we give to it. One needs to live without regrets. It is ok that it takes some time to learn that time management is important to add value to it and to our life. But once known, it is our responsibility to stick to it. Better if we can share what we learnt. But I am not going to have any sleepless night if others don't want to take advantage of it. It would be then going against the same principle.

Randall Burns

vor 4 Jahren #5

Excellent post David Navarro L\u00f3pez I understand your point, I agree with your sentiments and I sympathize greatly with those 4 troubled young people, But that is their burden to bear, unfortunately. Maybe they will learn, hopefully before they run out of time...

Ali Anani

vor 4 Jahren #4

#3 Preciesly, David. The butterfly effect doesn't change negative thoughts into positive ones. In contrast, it amplifies their negativity. So, little complaints may stay as such, but over time they mind badly hurt the complainer.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #3

WArren Buffet said: I can buy anything I want, but I can't buy time. And Jeff Kamin adds to it: We all think that we have a lot of time. But, it passes quickly and we don't know when it ends for us. Don't waste it. Live life to the fullest every minute and every day! Strive to do your best, follow your passions, treat others well, and have a great attitude. If you do that, you will make the most out of your life and possibly have a positive effect on others. You cannot get more time, even if you are one of the richest people in the world.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #2

Precisely is my point, dear Ali. 4 Young people just complaining, wasting their time, getting angry, instead of using it wisely. For example, leaving a note at the car asking a more polite way of parking next time, which can take you 2 minutes, and using the rest of the time doing other more relevant things. You can not change the whole world. You can only influence the things you have reach on, having in mind your mentioned butterfly effect. This one hour bitterly conversation, surely, had its effect on other surrounding people, turning their initially good mood in a bad mood. This would be of a much greater butterfly effect. In the other hand, there is the unknown issue. What if the one who parked that way is transporting a handicapped person? Or maybe the car went broken, stopped in the middle of the street, and the owner had to push it on his own, and left it as good as he could? Then you would be angry uselessly and would be ashamed for it after knowing the truth.

Ali Anani

vor 4 Jahren #1

Good post dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez- some people are "magnifiers" of small things that they make a bif issue of. They turn a very small obstacle into a big one. I liked what you wrote TIME as a whole in all its levels, as something we need to understand and respect, and assume that only by doing that, a better comprehension of our oneself can be obtained." This is a significant point. However; it has a tag for small things in the past might end having a butterfly effect in the future. What we see insignificant today might become very significant tomorrow. The question becomes then who is the future impact of what we see small today? Within this context I don't see the parking of a car carelessly is that important in the future except for another reason. The carelessness in parking may reflect carelessness while driving on the roads as well. This this becomes another issue.

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