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The tribal war that killed Humankind

The tribal war that killed Humankind

3caf39f9.jpgHave you been shocked by the heart coldness showed by people at the sight of a great disgrace? It is more and more frequent that when people get terrible news about other people suffering, they just wind their attention somewhere else, without any bad feelings or regret.

A common conversation at the coffee machine use to be like this:

-Did you hear the news about the earthquake in Indonesia?

-Huh?...Oh yes, I’ve heard something on the radio on my way. Terrible, isn’t it?

-Yeah, bad thing. What about the football game last week? Did you see it?

-Unfortunately not live, but I had my wife recording it for me, and...

...the conversation goes on and on, with exhaustive details about players’ performance, the last recruiting of the team, the amount that it has been paid, his performance average in the previous team...you name it.

Should we conclude that these two people are cold-hearted, or superficial?

Not necessarily.

After the reading of the book Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari, it led me to some explanation about this phenomenon.

Going back to the inception of humankind, on which a bunch of humans got together for common interests of survival, unavoidably it came out the figure of a tribal leader.

Firstly, the election of this leader was due to his proven skills of leadership, hunting, and/or providing the best for the common good of the tribe.

The interrelations between the members of the tribe and the leader of it maintained a fair order and harmony.

It came a time on which the successful tribes became bigger and bigger.

Then the interconnections of the leader were not good enough to keep the tribe together, and some ethereal and superhuman concepts emerged as a mean of human domination, taking along the time different and progressive forms: Tribe, race, land, nation, religion...

Each of these forms accomplished to subjugate growing groups of people, under diverse flags, uniting them to keep on fighting against other tribes, races, lands nations or religions.

Each flag had common values valid for its tribe components.

One that outstands among all, is fear:

Fear of being conquered by another tribe, fear of not having enough resources, fear of not being accepted in heaven...anything is valid to keep the mass subjugated.

But fear, as humankind groups became even bigger, was not enough.

This is when the Romans came to the perfect domination combination:

Bread and Circus.

With the one hand, the established power subjugates you with the threat of taking away from you enough bread to survive, you and your closest family components.

With the other, it provides you with a distraction to be able to look the other way pleasantly, and not to think about the terrible way they are keeping their power.

It has been a huge and a deep turning point, on which belonging to a growing tribe and taking care of all the components of it, has changed its direction into a trend on which the number of people one takes care of is progressively diminishing, leading to the nowadays most common and destructive attitude for humankind:
Selfishness as a way of living.
David Navarro

In our growing path from small family units to tribes, race, nation, we have missed two important steps:

-One, to have consciousness of ourselves as humankind, and that if we do anything against other humans, it is against humankind we are doing it, and therefore, is against ourselves.

We have forgotten that what is good or bad for the beehive is good or bad for the bee, and vice versa.

-Two, we did not realize that harmony between humankind and Mother Nature is the last and unavoidable step we need to take if we want to survive as species.

Not taking care of these mentioned realities, will have its disastrous consequences, which will be beyond all human understanding: The destruction of humankind as we know it today

It is not that I am pessimistic: I am just a realistic technician.

Mother Nature is an infinitely powerful self-regulating system, far beyond human comprehension, and we are now messing too much with it, unbalancing it, thinking we are “dominating it”

Far from it.

Hopefully, She will allow a bunch of us to survive, and try again this time, more respectfully with her and with ourselves.

Or else, we will be a legend of the past, a whisper in the wind, like the dinosaurs.

Humans, crazy we are.

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By the way, did you notice a warrior is wearing Crooks shoes?


David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #14

Dear Lisa Vanderburg, your comment is a jewel, bringing so many nuances to the post and comments. (oh, oh, you provoke me so much I need to split the answer) Part 1 The aspects of trying to remediate/help others you are mentioning, or the "race quota"/affirmative action, have all of them the same huge concept mistake, and precisely this post was intended to spot on this mistake. See the interactions of a pack of wolves or an apes family. The instinctive set of rules they have are much more "human" than the human ones. We as humankind should be ashamed of calling ourselves a superior species, and forgetting the most important issue of them all: We have lost in our way of growing, the capacity to feel identified one to another as belonging to the same group, or unit: Humankind. We still believe we are a group of tribes put together, instead of thinking of ourselves as a global tribe with common interests, needs or weaknesses.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #13

Part 2 In the comment it called your attention, there is a little sentence which is supporting all this thinking: "As long as a human is starving, it is not us and them. It is we." The concept of belonging to a species is been killed along centuries by those who understood the power of the masses, and manipulated them to keep this power under control. Divide et Impera, sentence attributed to Julius Cesar, is the antagonistic concept to the feeling of belonging to a species, and precisely this feeling, in my opinion, is going to destroy us as species, for the sake of the greed of power. Neither the people who have the capacity to help others, nor the people who need that help have that concept. In an animal's pack, the help of the stronger ones toward the weaker ones is not something the weaker ones would ask for, should be ashamed or grateful of. It is just what it is, and it is supposed to be like this. No big deal here. We, so-called superior intelligent species, should do better than that.

Lisa Vanderburg

vor 4 Jahren #12

A wonderfully thoughtful read David Navarro L\u00f3pez - I thank you! To add to your buzz, the comments are fab (and I wanna read Sapiens too). #5 I was curious about what you said here: 'For example, we produce enough food to feed all humankind. But giving it for free to hungry people would [impact company profit, to paraphrase] etc. I remember feeding the homeless in Florida; we took foods from restaurants that was 'outside the health regs' like, churches. And we made our own; as a chef, I decided once to make a goulash. 'Damn...whose shit is this??', one guy said in disgust as he throw his plate onto the floor....I get it; didn't do it again :) Naturally, they were 1st world poor..... But there's the problem of human kind: We have the resources to feed the world. But, what are we making those humans into? Don't know if you remeber 'affirmative action' in the US: https://youtu.be/HuUDhfKV3bk The trouble with humans is both our ability to turn away from suffering, and the sheer barbarity of trying to deal with it. One church group that went twice a year to Haiti had to pay 70% of their 'goods' (it was a medical mission) to the authorities as bribes. There was simply no other way except not to go at all. Possibly this is a factor in public-giving; they don't know if things actually go where they think. Such a jaded and sad animal we've become.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #11

Thank you Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador for your words, and for sharing. Sad as it is, we are condemned as species. The trend we allowed is far too strong to change now. Not going to happen. In the other hand, we should we ashamed of ourselves. Having the power to do so much, and having done so little. Humankind deserves what future has reserved for it. Humans, Crazy we are.

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

vor 4 Jahren #10

You nailed it with this post David Navarro L\u00f3pez. For some, catastrophic events that occur in places other than in their back yard seem unimportant. But, wait until a horrific event hits close to home and notice the change in attitude. I agree with your quote "Selfishness as a way of living." And Mother Nature, well she will have her way, undeniably.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #9

Please do read it, and enjoy. And, thanks for following. Will try not to disappoint you...

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #8

I really enjoyed the reading of the book. It is fair to say too, I did it in my beloved Spain, on a beach, under an umbrella, and having a nice sangria in good company. This helps a lot too...

CityVP Manjit

vor 4 Jahren #7

You have intrigued me now to read Sapiens.

Ali Anani

vor 4 Jahren #6

There is a keep point in your response that shouldn't pass unnoticed. It is "We have the wrong concept that if it is not affecting me, is not important, as we have lost sight of the ultimate truth". This is short insight because we know that our world is connected. Nature doesn't work in isolation and interconnection is its way. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil it could generate an earthquake in far country. Poverty and diseases migrate and there effects could destabilize a country that is far away. Again, this is an example of our tendency to forget simple facts and pay the price accordingly.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #5

And yes, Fear is an instrument of the leading factic power to dominate humankind, intended to make us forget about human good values which could be a threat for the establishment. For example, we produce enough food to feed all humankind. But giving it for free to hungry people would avoid big companies having such profit they have, so we prefer to throw away this food rather than using it for a good purpose. Fear of losing benefits makes us forget about generosity, which, brings me to the same point. As long as a human is starving, it is not us and them. It is we. We have the wrong concept that if it is not affecting me, is not important, as we have lost sight of the ultimate truth: What is bad for humankind as a community, is bad for us individually. Using selfishness as a turning point, we could say: One day there is somebody in Africa who is starving Next day it can be you. But we would still be selfish The target should be not allowing anyone to starve, as this is shameful for us as a concept, not as possible future consequences that would affect us personally.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #4

As mentioned, many of the thoughts about tribes are coming from the book Sapiens of Mr Harari. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommendable.

Ali Anani

vor 4 Jahren #3

David Navarro L\u00f3pez- what an interesting buzz to read this morning! I truly enjoyed it. We humans tend to forget basic facts and get swayed away by other issues. One example is your quote "We have forgotten that what is good or bad for the beehive is good or bad for the bee, and vice versa". What is good for nature is good for us. What is good for human s is good for us. We are part and parcel. WE see the part, but forget about the parcel' I enjoyed the historical reasoning that led to fear and tribes fighting each other.. That is another issue that needs a full buzz. Does fear lead us to forget basic facts? I am proud that my buzz prompted you to write this notable buzz my friend.

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #2

Thank you Pascal Derrien for sharing

David Navarro López

vor 4 Jahren #1

Thank you Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for compelling me to write this one, which has been in "the kitchen" for too long.

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