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Toxicity at Work: A hopeless case

Toxicity at Work: A hopeless case

a916f33f.jpgIt is said that you better don’t explain your plans in loud voice, in case the Devil is listening.

I encouraged many bees to join me writing about Toxicity at work, with a deadline, and it was me who have been postponing publishing. You can’t imagine how sorry I am about it.

The reason is simple. The very next day I made the proposal, I was assigned to work with a workmate who is the worst case of toxicity I have ever met in my career, who had me astonished and incapable of reacting.

My point is that, until now, I resisted to accept that there can be a hopeless case. And I was wrong.

The case

Previous facts: The Company I work for is been over 30 years producing high-quality packaging machinery, and changed the ownership on 2011. The main reason is that even if the prior owner was able to lead on technical issues with a lot of success, was unable to manage it efficiently on the economical aspect, so it went bankrupt. Most of the workers remained, some left, and others were invited to leave.

The one case I am speaking of is been there since the beginning of times. Talented, experienced, friendly, and most of the workers have been learning from him...but he has never accepted the change of ownership.

Now, he is at less than two years of retirement, and the animadversion towards the owner has rotten his soul. There is no single day he misses the opportunity to point out how bad the new owner is leading the company, while the fact is, that the new owner has turned the company into a profitable one, with a brilliant development and an outstanding future, despite not renouncing to high-quality standards or increasing the workers’ rights and privileges.

Not enough for him.

I have been digging on the case, trying to understand and to find a solution, and I had to give up.

His only and not openly unveiled target is to give from him as less as possible while making anything possible to be fired before retirement, in order not to lose retirement benefits.

The owner knows it. The chain of management knows it. Many of co-workers too. It was me the only naive who did not see it.

Facing such a hopeless case, I have just found only one way to deal with it.

To smile foolishly at him as if I was mentally weak when he overturns on me all his toxicity, and try not to be infected. Is a hard work, but is the only way to survive it.

The defeat feeling about this has been hindering me on the last days, as I promised, to put together in a buzz such a wonderful and huge material many bees have shared like Harvey Lloyd , Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee , Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee , Katja Bader , Katja Bader , @Anne Thornley-Brown , Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman Sara Jacobovici David B. Grinberg among many others.

But will do soon.


Harvey Lloyd

vor 6 Jahren #10

When faced with toxicity we have only one of three choices. 1. Leave the company, 2. Attack the individual through accepted means of management, 3. Grow ourselves through growing the toxic individual. All three of these have consequences of risk, but do represent our choice. The biggest risk to toxicity is the spread into you when you make a choice. We see the results of toxicity regardless of whether something is right or wrong. It grows like a negative dark spot within our minds and we assign blame to others and the extension of thoughts grow the environment we didn't want to promote. I have found in these environments that imparting change is difficult, challenging and in the beginning rebuffed with prejudice. I also learned that from each toxic encounter i grew in understanding, communication and also effective leadership skills. I have used all three of the above and if we could give each a weight of consequence they all weighed the same. The energy and effort required to execute around any of the choices was equal. Number three was where i learned more about myself and grew than the other two. Resolving an internal toxic environment adds to our ability to communicate with customers and vendors during toxic times. I enjoyed your post and know where you are within the environment. My prayer is you will find peace within the setting.

Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez

vor 6 Jahren #9

I've been in a similar situation. Discontent, bad faces, obsession and diffusion of bad environment. I talked to him as a manager trying to find out if an agreement could be reached. My partner asked me, but I knew there was a lack of liquidity. My partner expected the money put the big company (we are franchisees) doubts. Being an older person, I tried to understand the play, money + retirement or the uncertainty of closing, little money + retirement (that's what happened in the end) we go out. The new ones closed the business.

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

vor 6 Jahren #8

This is unfortunate for you, your co-workers and the owner. Since the owner and chain of management are aware of this person's toxicity, I would stay away from the situation as much as possible. You don't want his poor attitude to affect your performance or your attitude. Perhaps, he has some deep seeded problems that have an impact on his behavior. I believe it's best to ignore his owner bashing. Don't give him the benefit of him believing he has an interested audience. This is your time to shine in front of the owner and management. Be strong and show your loyalty.

Sara Jacobovici

vor 6 Jahren #7

First David Navarro L\u00f3pez, no need to apologize. In fact, my intention was to meet your deadline and was unable to do so. I look forward to contributing as soon as possible. I am sorry to hear of your situation but am encouraged by the response of your readers. Never an easy situation. I can only echo the insightful suggestions and insights that have been written. Please take care of yourself.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #6

They keep him just because in Germany worker's rights are highly protected, and severance cost for 25 + years of service is a blackmail the owner is not going to accept. So he keeps it in a corner until he gets tired or retires. This I didn't know until last days. Now I understand. So , keeping smiling and looking somewhere else is the wise thing to do.

Ali Anani

vor 6 Jahren #5

You put your experience in such a beautiful way about dealing with a toxic person. I understand your sufferings. I just wonder why the management keeps the guy. Is there a reason? Sometimes accepting facts may lessen our suffering. If this employee is to stay then we have a reality and we have to live with it if no other immediate choices. TO fight wit a toxic person would then become like trying to extinguish fire with fuel! The best choice we have is avoidance with minimum contacts. You are dong the right thing David Navarro L\u00f3pez

Lisa Gallagher

vor 6 Jahren #4

I'm glad to hear your supervisor (the owner), listened to you. It's sad what this man has done to himself. In the end... it does come full circle.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #3

Is a risky situation speaking to other colleagues, as I am only two years here, and he has instructed many of my co-workers along 20 years or more. What my co-workers are not aware of, is that he has turned to be poisonous for the company, due to a misunderstood loyalty to this sacred cow. So I opted to speak about it with my supervisor and the owner himself. They know very well what I was talking about. But they are not going to give him the opportunity to be the victim and ask him to go, due to the huge amount of money they would need to pay him for severance. Their advice: "keep away from him. Is a tainted good. Let time go by. Is a lost cause." Happily for me my superiors will try to make me work with him as less as possible. Above all, what is a real shame is that with his knowledge and experience, he could be enjoying his last years of service, instead of acting like this. I guess everyone makes his own choices despite the opinion of others or any common sense.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #2

Happy that in your case telling him not willing to hear more complaints worked. I tried this too. Did not work. What it worked instead to stop his s**t, had to be much more aggressive. Told him the next time he spoke badly about a third party, the owner, the company or other colleagues, I was going to call the mentioned party and expose openly his thoughts. This worked. With these sneaky people, you have no way to be friends. They criticise everyone at your ears, and you can be sure of another thing: If they speak bad on the back of others, they are going to do the same to you. So before telling him what I mentioned above, I warned my team leader about the situation, and what was I going to do if he did again. Guess what? The toxic one, when hearing what he was not used to, went immediately to my team leader, twisting terribly my words, as if I was the one backbiting others. This kind of people is enormously dangerous, toxic and poisoning, and need to to be handled like toxical waste.

Lisa Gallagher

vor 6 Jahren #1

David Navarro L\u00f3pez, this has to be very difficult. Smiling while you are seething inside has to take a toll on your physical body and the mind. I don't know what the answer is in a case like this but maybe, just maybe you may have to speak your mind in an assertive, not aggressive manner? It's a shame more leaders/bosses are not held accountable. Maybe you can have an after work meeting with co--workers who are seeing this and ignoring it to devise a plan and stand strong together?

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