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What being a Bee means to me

What being a Bee means to me

Above all, I would like to thank the honour for being appointed as Bebee ambassador to Javier beBee and Juan Imaz and their team.

As some bees already know, I’ve landed here due to Juan Imaz who I first met at LI around 2013.

After so much time of mutual and extremely interesting “mind exchanges”, from one day to another I noticed he was not publishing there anymore.

Then, I followed his “breadcrumbs”, and it leaded me here at Bebee, for which I am grateful, and which motivated me to write the buzz https://www.bebee.com/producer/@david-navarro-lopez/did-you-say-thank-you-to-your-teacher

Something it overwhelmed me at first sight is the warmth of other bees I felt. People I never had contact before, showed respect, connection and empathy, the kind of relationship Ali and myself had been cultivating along some time. No wonder he joined Bebee. Is the kind of place he (we) should be. And ever since, I have seen my admired Ali growing exponentially on his always challenging buzzes, uplifted by some other bright minds that have the same affinities.

I believe being a Bee is like being in love.

You can’t explain it, and is hard to know how it came to Bee.

You can’t describe it to anyone who never felt it before.

But you know you are. And other who are too, can see you are.

In my long, “quixotic”, and solitaire journey of searching the truth of things, the self-enhancement, a sort of “enlightenment”, I have the feeling I have found a place on which I can easily connect with other people who with I can share and exchange thoughts, always enriching, always challenging, and above all, always interesting.

This lonely wolf, this lost bee, finally has found a hive on which it should bee.

Proud and happy to bee here.

This is just the beginning. Life ahead is promising.

Let us make our world a better place to “bee” in.

Thank you @Netta Virtanen for the Tshirt and the Mug. Together with my “honey” glasses is the perfect equipment.



Ali Anani

vor 6 Jahren #18

#22 #25 Dears David Navarro L\u00f3pez- your kind words show why I am privileged to me a member of the great beBee community.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #17

What I like the most, is that not only one here is able to express himself freely, but one can find other enriching bees who positively and constructively enhance your own thoughts

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #16

Absolutely agreed, Zacharias, and I love your words " is more like embracing this era's zeitgeist," which I must confess, I had no idea about, so thank you for your enriching words. It would worth a buzz from you.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #15

Yes, David, Ali Anani is an amazing human being. Thank you for sharing and for your kind words

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

vor 6 Jahren #14

For me it's more than a feeling (or a psychological state). Being a bee is more like embracing this era's zeitgeist, the idea of collaborative effort to tackle common problems, such as information overload, information streams of low veracity, and content farming (see LI). Being a bee is being urged to be creative and part of a global community where everyone is valued and respected.

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

vor 6 Jahren #13

I love the positive vibes I'm feeling from this buzz, as well as the comments. Your lines below reflect what beBee is all about. "This lonely wolf, this lost bee, finally has found a hive on which it should bee. Proud and happy to bee here. This is just the beginning. Life ahead is promising. Let us make our world a better place to “bee” in."

David B. Grinberg

vor 6 Jahren #12

Kudos, David, on an excellent buzz. I know that countless number of users (bees) here share your sentiments. Ali Anani is enough reason for anyone to join beBee. His intellectually stimulating writing and thought process is always a breath of fresh air. Also, kudos on being named an ambassador. I'm sharing this on three hives and posting in the "beBee Buzz!" group on LinkedIn. Keep up the buzz! cc: John White, MBA

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #11

Quite an interesting exposure, thank you for your time. Above all, we can't forget that Bebee is not based on an algorithm. The result of it, whether pizza or hamburger is, it is directly connected to the quality and periodicity all of the bees are producing honey. An appropriate environment has been created to produce this honey, but we, the bees, are each and everyone responsibles to produce it. In addtion, we are not limited to one kind of "food" or another. Therefore the hives were created, to group people by their affinities. To try to control and classify them intentionally would kill the very spirit of it. You can not put fences to the country, as we say in Spain, meaning, you can not limit what it emerges spontaneously. I would not like to be on a place where some people decides what is convenient and what is not. In my case, I prefer home made cooking.

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #10

Yes Deb, this is the place we should bee

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #9

Cuando te vaya bien Mamen, aunque estaré "off-line" del 15 de dic al 7 de enero

CityVP Manjit

vor 6 Jahren #8

David, remember this feeling and keep this post as a marker because it contains your visceral connection of what beBee felt like in its nascent and early years. Then I look forward in time, and how one retains this same visceral connection with scale. Whether it is the blitzscaling that Reid Hoffman addresses or the Unicorn that beBee definitely has the potential to be - the vision of emergence is how the actual scaling preserves the freshness and vitality of what we experience in the hear and now. In this regard I have opened myself to exposure to diversity. My affinity is not a specialization or professionalization, but with variety and diversity. At a certain point we become a part of the furniture, we find "our place" but my affinity is with people finding their place in the uncountable flow. Where I live there is a rural village that got enveloped by an entire city - but that rural village kept its identity but also functions as a part of a humongous city. I like the village but I acknowledge the city and embracing that kind of scale, while still having our feet firmly planted in our own home, is what I find most fascinating with beBee. We arrived here at the early part of beBee's development and I intend to scale with it - and then like a city recognize that I am still emerging as an individual, thought the city grows in its diversity and fill with millions of people we will never ever get to know. That for me is the greatest fascination of all - and along the way we will become the elders of this new virtual city, and thus this is what I celebrate most about beBee - not just the here and now but the emergence I am presently emerging in.

Mamen 🐝 Delgado

vor 6 Jahren #7

Genial!! De todas formas tenemos pendiente la nuestra en español desde hace tiempo... 😉

Mamen 🐝 Delgado

vor 6 Jahren #6

👏 👏 👏

Ali Anani

vor 6 Jahren #5

This lovely buzz reflects your goodself dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez. I congratulate you for your appointmentment as beBee ambassador. I am proud I have moved you to beBee where you enriched this platform with your thoughtful buzzes and comments.
David Navarro L\u00f3pez thanks !

Lisa Gallagher

vor 6 Jahren #3

Very nice David Navarro L\u00f3pez, I share your sentiments :)) So many wonderful people on this platform and I admit, I'm addicted- in a good way!

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #2

Netta Virtanen

David Navarro López

vor 6 Jahren #1

Auto entrevista al mas puro estilo de Mamen Delgado

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