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You want me to remember you? Give me an emotion.

You want me to remember you? Give me an emotion.Ly<br />
uF Hal

Michella Gallagher confirmed that the amygdale, placed on the limbic system of our brain, (which performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions), is a key factor when fighting against memory losses, especially due to aging or Alzheimer.

The neuronal interconnections are the ones which help us to remember things, and those are enhanced when amygdale gets stimulated.

So provoking emotional reactions is a warranty to make permanent a memory.

But our brain is a tremendous liar.

In the interchange between our limbic system and our neo-cortex, there is always a fight between what we feel and what we know, unconscious and conscious.

The amygdale has a big power on how the neo-cortex takes decisions.

Bad news, Unconscious has more information and is always active, but between its priorities, the search of the truth is at the end of the list.

A real life example:

During my time in sales, I re-contacted an old customer, who was delighted to see me again, after several years. The last contact I had with him was for a project that eventually got my competitor. During the negotiation, we had a very cordial relationship. His surprise (and embarrassment) was that he was always convinced that I got the order, instead of my competitor. Which means he reluctantly accepted the offer of my competitor, and would have preferred my offer to work with me.

This shows that feelings can go beyond reality.

The more persistent emotions are always based on high human values

Some basic actions and reactions can be predicted, but the whole of it seems to be more difficult, with its infinite possibilities. I believe the only way to always predict and get good results in complex systems is simply by planting the corrects seeds, and let it grow. A positive action can multiply its effects to limits you would have never thought when acting.

Normally people do not realize the value of giving and planting good work based on good values, instead of just looking for good results.

Complexity always starts from simple rules. Joy, gratitude and all great emotions.

In the world we live in, it is not very popular to make actions based on honour, goodness, altruism, and kindness. We think we are so intelligent while forgetting that the strongest and more lasting actions are always motivated by, precisely, what our 'modern' world tries to make us forget. The basis of our humanness is simple.

Keep it simple, keep it good.

The complexity of human condition cannot be revealed at their ultimate truth, but who cares?

The emotions are what it counts.

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