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Hammering My Head

Hammering My HeadThere are no many things as destructive as a negative mind in the workplace. Surprisingly enough, those who have a negative behaviour, when asked, they would never admit they are. They simply think they are realistic. A common response from them is “a pessimistic is an optimistic with experience”

With all, it is much more probable for an optimistic to turn into a pessimistic rather than vice versa.

Let´s put it simple. To be one or the other is a choice.

The point is what is impelling us to take one of both.

If you are in a workplace, mostly is because you get paid for performing a job, otherwise, probably you would be doing something else.

Someone said, if you can´t do what you love, make sure you love what you do.

Sometimes you can choose the work you want, and sometimes not. You can blame anyone for having a job you wouldn’t choose, even yourself.

But the ultimate choice, that is, what is your attitude towards it, is only yours.

To become a pessimistic, in fact, is a quite easy choice. If you don´t have enough inner motivation to it, just sit and wait: Time or other co-workers will bring you enough negative energy to become a first class one.

When facing challenges or new situations at your workplace, you only need to keep in mind these two sentences to achieve it:

-We have always done it this way (or we have never done it differently)

-This is not my task to do (or responsibility)

The good thing of these two, is that with it you can skip a lot of work, your superiors will leave you in peace so you can go on hanging around spreading negativity, you don´t need to work your ass off to get things done, and in the end, you could be taken as a wise one. In addition, it might calm your conscience down, because you are just being realistic.

In the other hand, facing challenges with a positive mind can be exhausting, as you need to fight in 3 different fronts: The challenge itself, your inner negative natural trend, and the invaluable help of your pessimistic co-workers.

The rewards for being optimistic are very scarce. If you ever are successful, your pessimistic co-workers will never take as a success, just a matter of luck, underestimating the fact you have put a nice bunch of hard work on it.

The good point of it, is you will never have the need to calm down your conscience, knowing that you did whatever it was at hand to accomplish your task. This is a reward only known for a few, and is more precious than gold, like a gold medal only visible for the ones like you.

Normally, an optimistic person doesn´t use to chase or disturb pessimistic people.

In return, pessimistic people would show good manners just keeping their shit for themselves.

Thank you.

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David Navarro López

David Navarro López

vor 2 Jahren #6

Thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right, when optimism as an option is wrongly understood, then you have the risk of being blind to reality. Keeping this in mind, there are two more points to look at: One, Our brain is only capable to find a solution when it has the "positive modus" on. Two, you can modify your destiny by changing your attitude. Concerning to this, there is something I wrote some time ago. Please be so kind to have a look here https://www.slideshare.net/bicefablog/not-in-the-mood In my very particular way of going, I always smile to myself, as I feel in peace with myself. I don´t force myself to fit, but let other to fit with me, TO the ones who don´t want to fit with me...to hell with them. And I agree as well that " if you are scowling it's probably a warning sign", but then I analyze why is that, and face it with a positive attitude. Work should not make me feel miserable. If it does, maybe better look for another job. In the meantime, people who are not at peace with themselves, and try to make others miserable because they are, well, to them is this buzz dedicated.

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

Great job here congratulations

Lyon Brave

Lyon Brave

vor 2 Jahren #4

I think having a good attitude is important, but i think having a bad attitude can tell you something important like it's time for a change. I have been optimistic about shit situations in my life. I often get on board with turn that frown upside down, but optimism can be blind, childish and naive i have learned. Though I think having a good attitude is important, I think allowing yourself to trust your natural emotions and instincts is even more important. If you are smiling naturally that's great you are probably in the right place, but if you are scowling it's probably a warning sign, not a sign that you are having a bad attitude. Sometimes even if the company is happy go lucky, you still do not belong and should not force yourself to fit in or smile with them. I think accepting your dislikes and not masking them is important.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Whatever color happiness has, I am happy to read your reply.

David Navarro López

David Navarro López

vor 2 Jahren #2

Completely true, no energy needed to be pessimistic. As I am not one this kind, I can not know how its like, but I know the wasting effect that provokes on me to receive this negative energy. If it has such side effects on me as a receiver, I wonder what kind of side effects might cause on the "emitter". How can these people live with themselves? It must be worse than the water drop Chinese torture. In fact, this is the title I wanted to give to the buzz in the first place. I suppose they don´t even know what color has the happiness. Just feel sorry for them, as long as they leave me alone.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Dear David Navarro L\u00f3pez- to be pessimistic doesn't require energy like walking or driving downhill. To be optimistic is like driving or walking uphill and it requires energy and work to get where you want. I fully agree with your "head-hammering" buzz.

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