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Opening The Gates Of Hell

Opening The Gates Of Hell

What do you think you will survive WW3

So let me be perfectly clear: none of you will, and even if you do, you probably want to die. With so much infrastructure destroyed, it would be next to impossible to get your hands on food and water if nuclear weapons were ever utilised. A worldwide economic collapse and political turmoil would also make it harder to survive World War 3.The long-term impacts of nuclear weapons on human health cannot be neglected, in addition to the immediate devastation they cause. Cancer, genetic abnormalities, a

nd other major health problems might affect future generations if they are exposed to radiation. Furthermore, the socio-economic effects of a nuclear battle would be significant, since it would disturb global stability, hamper economic growth, and strain resources needed for recovery efforts. There will be far less oxygen in the air if these gasses are present, making it hazardous for all forms of life. Without sunlight, plants cannot perform photosynthesis, which leads to their demise and the collapse of the food chain.

A more sinister version of Earth is on the horizon!

The world will go ages back, and WW4 will be fought with sticks. Why are we being so ignorant? Why do are we taking it lightly? Let me tell you why, cause we are raised to be selfish. Why am I saying it plenty of reasons. The biggest one is injustice.  If you need more convincing that it's crucial to work toward peace, I'll detail a few more fallouts of the war. The collective memory of humanity will forever be scarred by the psychological and emotional wounds of those who survived and those who came after them. Curious to learn more? Few will make it through the nuclear and chemical warfare that will wipe off the majority of the population, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves in a world where food is scarce. There will be no major powers left after the earth is completely destroyed. Leaders who believe they will be unaffected should take note: your money won't get you through this war. 

Ultimately, I urge everyone to wake up, smell the coffee, and take a firm stance against the war and in favor of justice and humanity. May God guide us and be our helper. Amin


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