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vor 3 Monaten

Opening The Gates Of Hell

Aroosha Basharat · What do you think you will survive WW3? · So let me be perfectly clear: none of you will, and even if you do, you probably want to die. With so much infrastructure destroyed, it would be next to impossible to get your hands on food and water if nuclear weapons were ever utilised. ...

vor 4 Monaten

I support Peace! Do You?

Aroosha Basharat · War never ends in peace. Innocent people are being brutally killed on both sides of the conflict. We need to speak out against violence more loudly. The world is moving towards World War 3. Unfortunately, no political leader has any intention of actually stopping the war between ...

vor 4 Monaten

I am standing up against the WAR! Are You?

Aroosha Basharat · Are we really spreading Peace? · I refuse to be a bystander to abuse or violence. Is that so? How can we just stand by and watch as innocent people are killed? Should we really be bombing hospitals and killing children? · Is it human to deliberately destroy cities? To speak out

vor 7 Jahren

Your Talent: What are you going to do with it?

David Navarro López · "From Latin talentum, the notion of talent is linked to the ability or intelligence. It is the ability to exercise a certain occupation or to perform an activity. The talent is usually associated with the innate ability and creation, although it can also be developed with practic ...

vor 7 Jahren

Coincidence or Causality? Choose one.

David Navarro López · When I was about 7 years old, my grandmother told me, "when you do something, do it for you, always do the best you can, do not spare time or effort. As time passes, you will not remember how long it took or how much effort you put on it. But you will remember that you did the be ...

vor 7 Jahren

What it really counts is never at sight.

David Navarro López · This buzz is inspired on @Ali Anani presentation http://es.slideshare.net/hudali15/snaky-assumptions-a-creative-approach · This was largely exposed by Greek philosophers, which denied taking as absolute truth anything you could see, or smell or touch. · The ultimate truth can o ...

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    GÖDE-Gruppe Pforzheim, Deutschland

    Die GÖDE-Gruppe vereint die Branchen Versand-/Onlinehandel, Energie- und Umwelttechnik, Dienstleistungen und Forschung und bedient rund 10 Mio. Kunden weltweit. In Europa und in den USA beschäftigen w ...

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    Einleitung · Flavor of Gods, das neue Berliner Startup im Bereich der CBD-Produkte und der Legalisierung von Cannabis, sucht ab sofort eine PraktikantIn (m/w/d) zur Unterstützung in den Bereichen Reda ...

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    Bungalow in Stuttgart zählt zu den deutschlandweit führenden Bekleidungs-Stores im Luxussegment und befindet sich sowohl stationär als auch online auf Wachstumskurs. · Bungalow steht für internationa ...

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