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vor 5 Jahren

Hammering My Head

David Navarro López · There are no many things as destructive as a negative mind in the workplace. Surprisingly enough, those who have a negative behaviour, when asked, they would never admit they are. They simply think they are realistic. A common response from them is “a pessimistic is an optimistic ...

vor 5 Jahren

Please, try not to be your worst enemy

David Navarro López · “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” · ― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being · We are all the product of an intense and endless fight between two factions on ourselves: · Our heart or feelings, and our brain, or reason. · No decision tha ...

vor 6 Jahren

How to get a salary raise (and no to die trying)

David Navarro López · I don’t know anyone who doesn’t honestly think should be better paid for the work they do. · Most probably, they are right. · It wouldn’t be a strange thing that a worker who has already served several years in a company needs to switch to another company to get a significative ...

vor 6 Jahren

Game over: Are we ready to die?

David Navarro López · We are all going to die someday.  · This is a fact and one of the few things we can be sure as humans.  · Nevertheless, death is never present in our lives; we carry on doing things as it would never happen to us. · We use to be speechless when, for example, we see somebody who ...

vor 6 Jahren

Creating certainty anchors allow us to take risk in the pursuit of our passion.

David Navarro López · It is amazing to see in our day-to-day life the enormous amount of people who live their lives without passion, with no purpose, without a why. · They do the things they do simply because they have to do it, not because they are willing to. · You can see it in their faces if yo ...

vor 7 Jahren

Car Washing with Papa

David Navarro López · Every time I wash my car, it comes to my mind when my father asked me to help him washing the family’s car. · It was always a fun moment to make something useful side by side with him. · From him, I learned many things, as well as painting, fixing a door or a light at home. · ...

vor 7 Jahren

Basic Instincts: The hive

David Navarro López · I have always been interested on understanding the human behaviour. · Why do we do the things the way we do them? · Is it that we are “programmed”, that the “bad boys” will always be bad? · Do we obey to immutable patterns, out of our control, or do we really have freewill to ...

vor 7 Jahren

Bubbling Honey Hive: Opening a Discussion Forum

David Navarro López · Dear Bees: · It just came to my mind that posts could be used as our formal Discussion Forum tool. · So if you like the bubble-idea, when anyone has a bubble/idea concerning the whole hive, its rules, appearance, just anything, we could use the same photo and starting part of the ...

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    Internet of Things

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    Hochschule Trier Trier, Deutschland Ganztags

    Internet of Things - Digitale Automation Dual (B. Eng.) (m/w/d) · Dinge, die über das Internet eigenständig miteinander kommunizieren und Aufgaben automatisiert erledigen - das "Internet of Things" (I ...

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    Mit unserer Hilfe kannst du mit deiner Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Internet-of-Things nicht nur über ein aktuelles, interessantes Thema im IT-Bereich schreiben – du sicherst dir auch noch eine super No ...

  • Continental AG

    Ausbildung zum Elektroniker Internet of Things

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    Continental AG Regensburg, Deutschland €25.000 - €35.000 pro Jahr

    Unternehmensbeschreibung · Als führender Technologiekonzern und einer der größten Automobilzulieferer der Welt gestalten wir die Mobilität der Zukunft entscheidend mit. Denn Continental ist weitaus me ...

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